2021-07-16 Sunghyun KimAdd ImageUrl Class and reference count for external... 98/259398/34
2021-07-16 Heeyong SongMerge "(Vector) Fix tc random failure" into devel/master
2021-07-15 JIYUN YANGMerge "Replace Signal with std::function." into devel...
2021-07-15 David SteeleMerge "Fixed doxygen error in web-view.h" into devel...
2021-07-15 Heeyong Song(Vector) Fix tc random failure 25/261325/1
2021-07-15 Bowon RyuMerge "Support Ellipsis Position Property" into devel...
2021-07-15 joogab yunMerge "Add Tab key focus movement." into devel/master
2021-07-13 Adeel KazmiFixed doxygen error in web-view.h 36/261236/1
2021-07-13 Shrouq SabahSupport Ellipsis Position Property 60/259560/33
2021-07-13 Jiyun YangChange default value of WebView::Property::VIDEO_HOLE_E... 24/261224/2
2021-07-13 Joogab YunAdd Tab key focus movement. 56/261056/3
2021-07-13 huayong.xuReplace Signal with std::function. 03/260903/5
2021-07-12 JIYUN YANGMerge "Add WebView SetTtsFocus" into devel/master
2021-07-12 Eunki HongMerge "Add borderline features at transition effect...
2021-07-09 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 2.0.34" into devel/master
2021-07-09 Adam BialogonskiDALi Version 2.0.34 62/261062/1 dali_2.0.34
2021-07-09 joogab yunMerge "Makes the LTR/RTL alignment of text follow the...
2021-07-08 David SteeleMerge "Reflection GetSamplers() returns const ref"...
2021-07-08 joogab yunMerge "Revert "Call SetCurrentFocusActor()"" into devel...
2021-07-08 Joogab YunRevert "Call SetCurrentFocusActor()" 14/261014/1
2021-07-08 Bowon RyuMerge "Fix corrupted markup background" into devel...
2021-07-08 joogab yunMerge "Call SetCurrentFocusActor()" into devel/master
2021-07-08 abdullahFix corrupted markup background 51/260851/12
2021-07-08 Joogab YunCall SetCurrentFocusActor() 36/260936/4
2021-07-07 Adam BialogonskiReflection GetSamplers() returns const ref 11/260911/3
2021-07-07 Jiyun YangAdd WebView SetTtsFocus 61/260961/5
2021-07-07 Eunki, HongApply PreMultipliedAlpha on BorderlineColor 69/260969/1
2021-07-07 Eunki HongMerge "BorderlineColor allow Actor's OPACITY & MIX_COLO...
2021-07-07 Seoyeon KimMerge "[ATSPI][SVACE] Fixes use of v variable after...
2021-07-07 Eunki, HongBorderlineColor allow Actor's OPACITY & MIX_COLOR 08/260908/2
2021-07-07 Seoyeon KimUpdate ATSPI code according to DALi coding rule 82/260282/11
2021-07-06 Joogab YunMakes the LTR/RTL alignment of text follow the system... 58/259858/17
2021-07-05 JIYUN YANGMerge "Add APIs for showing/hiding context menu." into...
2021-07-05 Bowon RyuMerge "Fix behaviour when PreeditStyle is REVERSE"...
2021-07-05 huayong.xuAdd APIs for showing/hiding context menu. 43/260243/6
2021-07-05 JIYUN YANGMerge "WebView create a visual when it got a first...
2021-07-05 Jiyun YangWebView create a visual when it got a first frame 50/260750/3
2021-07-02 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 2.0.33" into devel/master
2021-07-02 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 2.0.33 90/260790/1 dali_2.0.33
2021-07-02 Lukasz Oleksak[ATSPI][SVACE] Fixes use of v variable after it was... 86/260786/2
2021-07-01 Maria Bialota[AT-SPI] Set CanvasView non-highlightable by default 31/260031/5
2021-07-01 Bowon RyuFix behaviour when PreeditStyle is REVERSE 15/260515/7
2021-07-01 Eunki, HongAdd borderline features at transition effect 75/259775/3
2021-06-30 Lukasz Oleksak[ATSPI] I18N of name, description, action name and... 55/259355/8
2021-06-30 Seungho BAEKMerge "Fix to use world color for the Fade Transition...
2021-06-29 Adeel KazmiMerge "(Vector) Fix random tc failure" into devel/master
2021-06-29 Heeyong Song(Vector) Fix random tc failure 81/260581/1
2021-06-29 seunghoFix to use world color for the Fade Transition. 32/260532/2
2021-06-29 Seoyeon KimMerge "[AT-SPI] Set ImageView non-highlightable by...
2021-06-29 Bowon RyuMerge "Add InputFilter to TextField, TextEditor" into...
2021-06-28 Bowon RyuReduce unnecessary calc in CalculateVerticalOffset() 34/260234/2
2021-06-28 Bowon RyuMerge "Add support for span tag" into devel/master
2021-06-28 Bowon RyuAdd InputFilter to TextField, TextEditor 75/258375/14
2021-06-25 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 2.0.32" into devel/master
2021-06-25 Richard HuangDALi Version 2.0.32 83/260483/1 dali_2.0.32
2021-06-25 Heeyong SongRevert "visual: Implements rive animation" 69/260069/2
2021-06-25 Seungho BAEKMerge "Fix initialization of singleton variable in...
2021-06-24 Maria Bialota[AT-SPI] Set ImageView non-highlightable by default 31/259931/3
2021-06-24 abdullahAdd support for span tag 86/257786/12
2021-06-24 joogab yunMerge "Change MatchSystemLanguageDirection is true...
2021-06-24 Bowon RyuFix underline issue when PreeditStyle is REVERSE, HIGHLIGHT 16/260416/1
2021-06-24 abdullahadd support for background markup tag 73/259073/11
2021-06-24 Heeyong SongChange FocusFinder to a method 23/259523/4
2021-06-21 Adeel Kazmi(ImageView) Fix some SVACE issues in Transition 81/260181/1
2021-06-21 Adeel Kazmi(Control) Fix some SVACE issues in Transition 59/260159/1
2021-06-21 Bowon RyuMerge "Fix invalid update to TextUpdateInfo in SELECTIN...
2021-06-18 Adeel KazmiMerge "Discard fragments out of corner radius" into...
2021-06-18 Adeel KazmiMerge "Add Fade Transition" into devel/master
2021-06-18 David SteeleDALi Version 2.0.31 95/260095/1 dali_2.0.31
2021-06-18 Bowon RyuFix invalid update to TextUpdateInfo in SELECTING state. 84/260084/2
2021-06-18 Joogab YunChange MatchSystemLanguageDirection is true. 10/259910/5
2021-06-17 Seungho BaekFix initialization of singleton variable in Transition... 59/259959/1
2021-06-16 Eunki, HongDiscard fragments out of corner radius 33/259833/3
2021-06-15 seunghoAdd Fade Transition 14/259214/9
2021-06-15 joogab yunMerge "Add TOUCH_FOCUSABLE property" into devel/master
2021-06-11 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 2.0.30" into devel/master
2021-06-11 Seungho BAEKMerge "Adds transition effect" into devel/master
2021-06-11 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 2.0.30 28/259728/1 dali_2.0.30
2021-06-10 Jiyun YangFix svace issues on WebView 78/259578/1
2021-06-09 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fixed SVACE error in animated-image-visual.cpp...
2021-06-09 Seungho BaekAdds transition effect 67/251367/46
2021-06-08 Adeel KazmiFixed SVACE error in animated-image-visual.cpp 79/259479/1
2021-06-07 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Add AccessibleImpl::ScrollToChild() 98/255698/12
2021-06-07 Eunki HongMerge "Add borderline property for visual + Integrate...
2021-06-07 Joogab YunAdd TOUCH_FOCUSABLE property 56/259256/7
2021-06-06 Shrouq SabahFix the LineCount issue when text is changed. 57/259357/2
2021-06-05 Eunki, HongAdd borderline property for visual + Integrate some... 26/254026/27
2021-06-04 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 2.0.29" into devel/master
2021-06-04 Adam BialogonskiDALi Version 2.0.29 25/259325/1 dali_2.0.29
2021-06-03 Jaehyun ChoAdd SpaceEvenly to flex justification 52/259252/3
2021-06-01 Seoyeon KimMerge "[AT-SPI] Add SetTextContents, InsertText and...
2021-06-01 Bowon RyuMerge "Add InputMethodSettings property to TextEditor...
2021-06-01 joogab yunMerge "Set Gesture Propagation" into devel/master
2021-06-01 Bowon RyuMerge "Fixed invalid text selection behaviour" into...
2021-05-31 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Remove AccessibilityRegister() 70/259070/3
2021-05-31 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Do not emit BoundsChanged for all actors 89/258789/2
2021-05-31 Joogab YunSet Gesture Propagation 06/258806/5
2021-05-31 joogab yunMerge "Fixed an issue where the multi-tap did not work...
2021-05-31 Heeyong SongMerge "(Vector) Fix deadlock issue: remove lock" into...
2021-05-28 Bartlomiej... [AT-SPI] Add SetTextContents, InsertText and DeleteText 57/256957/7