14 hours ago David Steele[dali_2.0.22] Merge branch 'devel/master' 31/257031/1 master
14 hours ago David SteeleDALi Version 2.0.22 25/257025/1 dali_2.0.22
46 hours ago joogab yunMerge "[dali-toolkit] fix set max character length...
2 days ago Seoyeon KimMerge "atspi: remove property notification" into devel...
3 days ago Eunki, HongCorner Radius become Vector4 75/255275/14
4 days ago Shinwoo Kimatspi: remove property notification 50/256650/3
7 days ago JIYUN YANGMerge "Add the APIs of webview settings" into devel...
7 days ago Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 2.0.21" into devel/master
7 days ago zhouleonleiAdd the APIs of webview settings 27/255227/7
7 days ago Adam Bialogonski[dali_2.0.21] Merge branch 'devel/master' 05/256705/1
7 days ago Adam BialogonskiDALi Version 2.0.21 99/256699/1 dali_2.0.21
7 days ago huayong.xuAdd APIs for hit test in web view. 57/254357/9
7 days ago JIYUN YANGMerge "Add APIs of webview back forward list" into...
8 days ago Adeel KazmiMerge "Allow Large font size in dali" into devel/master
8 days ago Adam BialogonskiFixed memory leaks 60/256660/1
8 days ago Bowon RyuMerge "Fixing the issue where characters were being...
8 days ago huayong.xuAdd APIs for context menu into web view. 13/254413/7
8 days ago JIYUN YANGMerge "Add some APIs into web context." into devel...
8 days ago ali198724Allow Large font size in dali 64/255164/14
9 days ago Seoyeon KimMerge "[AT-SPI] Use WeakHandle<Actor> in Accessible...
9 days ago Bowon RyuMerge "Support anchor to TextLabel, TextField, TextEdit...
9 days ago Bowon RyuSupport anchor to TextLabel, TextField, TextEditor 97/253197/27
9 days ago Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Use WeakHandle<Actor> in Accessible objects 38/256538/3
10 days ago a.ghujeh[dali-toolkit] fix set max character length when text... 22/246622/12
10 days ago zhouleonleiAdd APIs of webview back forward list 52/254352/15
10 days ago huayong.xuAdd some APIs into web context. 38/254838/6
10 days ago huayong.xuAdd APIs for ssl certificate and http authentication. 81/254281/8
10 days ago huayong.xuSupport policy decision in web view. 55/252955/10
10 days ago JIYUN YANGMerge "Add APIs for console message & loading error...
11 days ago Bowon RyuMerge "add theme to TextSelectionPopup/Button/Toolbar...
2021-04-02 huayong.xuAdd APIs for console message & loading error in web... 41/254041/7
2021-04-02 Bowon RyuFix misplaced arguments in text-selection-popup 22/256422/1
2021-04-02 JIYUN YANGMerge "Add APIs for intercepting http request in web...
2021-04-01 Adeel KazmiMerge "Implements CanvasView control" into devel/master
2021-04-01 Sara SamaraFixing the issue where characters were being drawn... 86/253286/11
2021-04-01 David SteeleMerge "(Automated Tests) Remove unused TestGraphicsProg...
2021-04-01 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Remove unused TestGraphicsProgram... 59/256359/2
2021-04-01 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 2.0.20" into devel/master
2021-04-01 Richard Huang[dali_2.0.20] Merge branch 'devel/master' 70/256370/1
2021-04-01 Richard HuangDALi Version 2.0.20 64/256364/1 dali_2.0.20
2021-04-01 Bowon Ryuadd theme to TextSelectionPopup/Button/Toolbar accordin... 68/256168/2
2021-04-01 Adeel KazmiMerge "(Coverage) Remove system & third-party files...
2021-03-31 Adeel Kazmi(Coverage) Remove system & third-party files, fix path... 69/256269/1
2021-03-31 huayong.xuAdd APIs for intercepting http request in web view. 04/254304/4
2021-03-30 Eunki, HongColorVisual can use both BLUR_RADIUS and CORNER_RADIUS 80/252080/9
2021-03-30 JIYUN YANGMerge "Add some APIs into web view." into devel/master
2021-03-29 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Sync 22/256122/1
2021-03-29 huayong.xuAdd some APIs into web view. 50/254550/10
2021-03-29 Heeyong SongFix Coverity issues 15/255815/2
2021-03-29 JIYUN YANGMerge "Add callbacks for form repost decision and frame...
2021-03-29 Bowon RyuMerge "Add OPTION_DIVIDER_PADDING property to TextSelec...
2021-03-29 huayong.xuAdd callbacks for form repost decision and frame rendering. 77/254177/9
2021-03-29 JIYUN YANGMerge "Add some properties into web view" into devel...
2021-03-29 joogab yunMerge "Add parameter (bool immediate) to TextChanged...
2021-03-26 Adeel KazmiMerge branch 'devel/graphics' into devel/master 36/256036/2 graphics-backend-release-1
2021-03-26 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Sync Tests 32/256032/2
2021-03-26 Adeel KazmiMerge branch 'devel/master' into devel/graphics 25/256025/1
2021-03-26 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 2.0.19" into devel/master
2021-03-26 Adeel Kazmi[dali_2.0.19] Merge branch 'devel/master' 15/256015/1
2021-03-26 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 2.0.19 09/256009/1 dali_2.0.19
2021-03-26 Fang XiaohuiAdd some properties into web view 53/254453/11
2021-03-26 Bowon RyuAdd parameter (bool immediate) to TextChanged signal... 75/255875/3
2021-03-26 JIYUN YANGMerge "Support mouse & wheel events in web view." into...
2021-03-26 huayong.xuSupport mouse & wheel events in web view. 33/250533/9
2021-03-25 Wonsik JungMerge "Add automated-test for grabHandleColor property...
2021-03-25 Bowon RyuAdd OPTION_DIVIDER_PADDING property to TextSelectionPopup 79/255879/2
2021-03-25 Seoyeon KimMerge "[AT-SPI] EmitStateChanged is called only when...
2021-03-24 Bowon RyuAdd automated-test for grabHandleColor property 48/255848/1
2021-03-24 Bowon RyuMerge "support grabHandleColor property to TextField...
2021-03-24 Wonsik JungSupport the synchronization of changing the video playe... 20/254420/17
2021-03-24 Wonsik JungMerge "Support the synchronization of window/screen...
2021-03-23 Adeel Kazmi(NPatchVisual) Ensure we're still running when removing... 90/255790/1
2021-03-23 Adeel Kazmi(NPatchVisual) Ensure we're still running when removing... 89/255789/1
2021-03-23 Wonsik JungSupport the synchronization of window/screen rotation... 57/254657/8
2021-03-23 Bowon Ryusupport grabHandleColor property to TextField/TextEditor 26/255726/1
2021-03-22 Sara Samara[Dali-toolkit] Restrict text ui handles to prevent... 37/246137/13
2021-03-22 joogab yunMerge "Implement CameraView." into devel/master
2021-03-22 Seoyeon KimMerge "Fix ClearHighlight() for custom highlight frames...
2021-03-22 Seoyeon KimMerge "Make AccessibilityManager::SetCurrentFocusActor...
2021-03-19 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 2.0.18" into devel/master
2021-03-19 David Steele[dali_2.0.18] Merge branch 'devel/master' 08/255608/1
2021-03-19 David SteeleDALi Version 2.0.18 02/255602/1 dali_2.0.18
2021-03-19 David SteeleMerge "Use broken image when animated image loading...
2021-03-19 David SteeleMerge "Change BuildRequires of dali2-toolkit to Require...
2021-03-19 JunsuChoiImplements CanvasView control 98/250398/42
2021-03-19 Joogab YunImplement CameraView. 39/254239/35
2021-03-18 Artur ŚwigońFix ClearHighlight() for custom highlight frames 07/255307/2
2021-03-17 Joogab YunUnnecessary TextChanged callbacks are being called. 33/255233/10
2021-03-16 David SteeleSyncing Test harness for Scissor/Viewport 12/255312/1
2021-03-12 David SteeleMerge branch 'devel/master' into devel/graphics graphics-backend-pre-release-3
2021-03-12 Adam Bialogonski[dali_2.0.17] Merge branch 'devel/master' 43/255143/1
2021-03-12 Adam BialogonskiDALi Version 2.0.17 37/255137/1 dali_2.0.17
2021-03-12 Maria Bialota[AT-SPI] EmitStateChanged is called only when the butto... 67/255067/2
2021-03-11 David SteeleProtecting test cases from memory scribbling 20/254820/3
2021-03-11 JIYUN YANGMerge "Add APIs of webview settings." into devel/master
2021-03-08 Richard HuangTest harness for UBO 13/254713/4
2021-03-08 Artur ŚwigońMake AccessibilityManager::SetCurrentFocusActor more... 09/254709/1
2021-03-08 seunghoUse broken image when animated image loading is failed. 40/253540/10
2021-03-05 David SteeleSyncing Test harness update for Sampler 51/254651/1
2021-03-05 guowei.wangAdd APIs of webview settings. 47/254347/9