11 days ago Seoyeon Kim[Tizen]Revert "Support multiple window rendering" accepted/tizen_unified tizen accepted/tizen/unified/20190313.075457 submit/tizen/20190312.064145
11 days ago Seoyeon Kim[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and LoadingFinishe...
11 days ago Seoyeon KimMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
11 days ago Seoyeon KimRevert "[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and Loadin...
11 days ago Seoyeon KimRevert "[Tizen]Revert "Support multiple window rendering""
11 days ago Joogab YunChecked if mInputStyle has changed. 59/198259/3
11 days ago joogab yunMerge "Text - Layout improvement." into devel/master
12 days ago Adeel KazmiMerge "TextField is re-laied out after its properties...
12 days ago Joogab YunText - Layout improvement. 44/200444/20
2019-03-08 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.4.10" into devel/master
2019-03-08 Daniel McEwenDALi Version 1.4.10 15/201115/1 dali_1.4.10
2019-03-07 Heeyong Song(AnimatedVectorImageVisual) Render frames based on... 26/200526/3
2019-03-06 Adeel KazmiEnsure FontDescriptionRun members are initialized 62/200962/3
2019-03-06 Adeel KazmiMove rather than copy large structures when calling... 52/200952/1
2019-03-06 joogab yunMerge "FontConfig - Remove the font format from the...
2019-03-05 Daniel McEwenGrid layout crash fix 88/200888/3
2019-03-05 Huayong XuTextField is re-laied out after its properties are... 31/199031/3
2019-03-05 Joogab YunFontConfig - Remove the font format from the match... 82/200782/7
2019-03-04 joogab yunMerge "Check the keyString value." into devel/master
2019-03-01 greynagaDALi Version 1.4.9 40/200740/1 dali_1.4.9
2019-02-28 Joogab YunCheck the keyString value. 70/200670/2
2019-02-27 Richard HuangRemove the indicator 83/200483/3
2019-02-26 Sunghyun kim[Tizen]Revert "Support multiple window rendering" 13/200513/1 accepted/tizen/unified/20190307.230917 submit/tizen/20190226.072447
2019-02-26 joogab yunMerge "Fixed an incorrect ellipsis" into devel/master
2019-02-25 SinJae LeeUsing delete[] for pointer that created with new[] 11/197611/3
2019-02-25 Sunghyun kim[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and LoadingFinishe... submit/tizen/20190225.081322 submit/tizen/20190225.100627 submit/tizen/20190226.005150
2019-02-25 Sunghyun kimMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2019-02-25 Sunghyun kimRevert "[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and Loadin...
2019-02-25 Sunghyun kimRevert "[Tizen] Fix Underline property issue"
2019-02-25 Sunghyun kimRevert "[Tizen] Fix z value issue"
2019-02-25 Sunghyun kimRevert "[Tizen] Add EmitKeyInputFocusSignal to control...
2019-02-25 Sunghyun kimRevert "[Tizen] Fix SVACE issue - missing break"
2019-02-25 Heeyong SongFix ImageView issue 32/199432/5
2019-02-25 huiyu.eunAdd EmitKeyInputFocusSignal to control-wrapper-impl 03/200003/8
2019-02-22 David SteeleMerge "Support multiple window rendering" into devel...
2019-02-22 David SteeleDALi Version 1.4.8 90/200390/1 dali_1.4.8
2019-02-20 Anton ObzhirovSupport multiple window rendering 80/198680/5
2019-02-20 joogab yunMerge "Text improvement 1. Text - Layout text & icons...
2019-02-20 huiyu.eunFix Underline property issue 21/199521/8
2019-02-19 huiyu.eunFix z value issue 81/193381/7
2019-02-19 Joogab YunText improvement 73/197773/28
2019-02-18 Heeyong Song[Tizen] Fix SVACE issue - missing break 73/199973/2 accepted/tizen/unified/20190219.154102 submit/tizen/20190218.071155
2019-02-18 Seungho, Baek[Tizen] Add EmitKeyInputFocusSignal to control-wrapper...
2019-02-18 Seungho, Baek[Tizen] Fix z value issue
2019-02-18 Seungho, Baek[Tizen] Fix Underline property issue
2019-02-18 Seungho, Baek[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and LoadingFinishe...
2019-02-18 Seungho, BaekMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2019-02-18 Seungho, BaekRevert "[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and Loadin...
2019-02-18 Seungho, BaekRevert "[Tizen] Fix Underline property issue"
2019-02-18 Seungho, BaekRevert "[Tizen] Fix z value issue"
2019-02-18 Seungho, BaekRevert "[Tizen] Add EmitKeyInputFocusSignal to control...
2019-02-18 Heeyong SongFix SVACE issue - missing break 72/199972/1
2019-02-15 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fixing SVACE error on 3rd party template" into...
2019-02-15 David SteeleFixing SVACE error on 3rd party template 35/199335/2
2019-02-14 Heeyong SongMerge "Fix ImageVisual to work Action::RELOAD" into...
2019-02-14 Anton ObzhirovDALi Version 1.4.7 01/199801/1 dali_1.4.7
2019-02-14 Heeyong SongFix ImageVisual to work Action::RELOAD 06/199506/2
2019-02-13 huiyu.eun[Tizen] Add EmitKeyInputFocusSignal to control-wrapper... 15/199615/2 accepted/tizen/unified/20190215.055009 submit/tizen/20190213.082432
2019-02-13 huiyu.eun[Tizen] Fix z value issue 42/199542/2 submit/tizen/20190213.043022 submit/tizen/20190213.043854
2019-02-13 huiyu.eun[Tizen] Fix Underline property issue 41/199541/2
2019-02-12 Joogab Yun[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and LoadingFinishe... accepted/tizen/unified/20190213.071850 submit/tizen/20190212.091035
2019-02-12 Joogab YunMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2019-02-12 Joogab YunRevert "[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and Loadin...
2019-02-11 Paul WisbeyAdded custom control test for Builder 52/199452/1
2019-02-11 Joogab YunFixed an incorrect ellipsis 71/199371/2
2019-02-11 Heeyong Song(AnimatedVectorImageVisual) Add some features 87/196487/4
2019-02-08 Adeel KazmiMerge "Add doxygen tagging support for Tizen 5.5" into...
2019-02-08 Adeel KazmiMerge "Processor interface moved from core.h" into...
2019-02-08 Agnelo VazDALi Version 1.4.6 24/199324/1 dali_1.4.6
2019-02-08 Seoyeon KimAdd doxygen tagging support for Tizen 5.5 92/199292/1
2019-02-07 Agnelo VazProcessor interface moved from core.h 46/199246/2
2019-02-06 David SteeleMerge "(Automated Tests) All tests passing on Ubuntu...
2019-02-01 Adeel KazmiMerge "Ensured ImageView requests inside ResourceReady...
2019-02-01 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 1.4.5 79/199079/1 dali_1.4.5
2019-01-31 David SteeleEnsured ImageView requests inside ResourceReady signal... 07/172407/9
2019-01-30 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) All tests passing on Ubuntu 16.04 18/198318/5
2019-01-29 Heeyong SongMerge "(AnimatedVectorImageVisual) Change renderer...
2019-01-29 Wonsik Jung[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and LoadingFinishe... accepted/tizen/unified/20190130.151716 submit/tizen/20190129.092718 submit/tizen/20190130.054421
2019-01-29 Wonsik JungMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2019-01-29 Wonsik JungRevert "[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and Loadin...
2019-01-28 Heeyong Song(AnimatedVectorImageVisual) Change renderer on stage... 14/196514/7
2019-01-25 Adeel KazmiFixed some errors reported by Clang 56/198456/2
2019-01-25 adam.bDALi Version 1.4.4 69/198569/1 dali_1.4.4
2019-01-23 Adeel Kazmi(AutomatedTests) Use the correct font but make the... 17/198317/2
2019-01-21 Heeyong Song[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and LoadingFinishe... accepted/tizen/unified/20190128.061401 submit/tizen/20190121.080517
2019-01-21 Heeyong SongMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2019-01-21 Heeyong SongRevert "[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and Loadin...
2019-01-21 Heeyong SongRevert "[Tizen] Prevent using an empty textureset"
2019-01-21 Heeyong SongRevert "[Tizen] Fix to avoid empty texture rendering...
2019-01-21 Heeyong SongRevert "[Tizen] Restore the deprecated properties of...
2019-01-21 Jiyun YangChange WebView API 21/193921/9
2019-01-18 Victor CebolladaDALi Version 1.4.3 76/198076/1 dali_1.4.3
2019-01-16 Seoyeon KimRestore the deprecated properties of TextLabel/TextField 01/197701/2
2019-01-16 Seoyeon Kim[Tizen] Restore the deprecated properties of TextLabel... 92/197692/3 accepted/tizen/unified/20190116.160653 submit/tizen/20190116.043322
2019-01-14 Adeel KazmiMerge "Enum properties added for the text effects style...
2019-01-14 Jiyun Yang[Tizen] Fix to avoid empty texture rendering issue submit/tizen/20190114.061957
2019-01-14 Jiyun Yang[Tizen] Prevent using an empty textureset
2019-01-14 Jiyun Yang[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and LoadingFinishe...
2019-01-14 Jiyun YangMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2019-01-14 Jiyun YangRevert "[Tizen] Restore behavior of Uploaded and Loadin...