2020-08-27 György StraubRenamed KeyEvent enum values to comply with coding... 86/242486/3
2020-08-26 joogab yunMerge "If the size of the text is larger than the size...
2020-08-25 Adeel KazmiMerge "Updates following rename of PropertyBuffer to...
2020-08-25 Adeel KazmiMerge "KeyEvent class pimpling" into devel/master
2020-08-25 David SteeleUpdates following rename of PropertyBuffer to VertexBuffer 73/242173/3
2020-08-25 Richard HuangKeyEvent class pimpling 84/242284/1
2020-08-25 Joogab YunIf the size of the text is larger than the size of... 60/242260/1
2020-08-25 adam.bChanged Animation API enums to uppercase. 67/242167/2
2020-08-24 David SteeleUpdates following publication of devel-handle APIs 54/242154/1
2020-08-21 David SteeleUpdated test headers in line with dali-core 91/241391/2
2020-08-21 György StraubDALi Version 1.9.26 83/241983/1 dali_1.9.26
2020-08-20 David SteeleMerge "Changed minimum supported Cmake Version to allow...
2020-08-20 David SteeleMerge "Removing Control::OnAccessibilityTouch" into...
2020-08-20 David SteeleRemoving Control::OnAccessibilityTouch 30/241130/3
2020-08-20 Joogab YunThere is a problem that ellipsis does not work properly... 21/241421/1
2020-08-19 Adeel KazmiChanged minimum supported Cmake Version to allow C... 94/241394/1
2020-08-19 Richard HuangWheelEvent class pimpling 58/241358/2
2020-08-18 Adeel KazmiChange to C++14 Support 13/241213/1
2020-08-18 Heeyong SongMerge "(Vector) Change event processing" into devel...
2020-08-17 Adeel KazmiChanges after TouchData renamed to TouchEvent 09/241109/2
2020-08-14 greynagaDALi Version 1.9.25 89/241089/1 dali_1.9.25
2020-08-14 Heeyong Song(Vector) Change event processing 40/241040/1
2020-08-13 David SteeleMerge "Removed TouchEvent from dali-core" into devel...
2020-08-13 David SteeleRemoved TouchEvent from dali-core 10/240810/3
2020-08-12 Richard HuangHoverEvent class pimpling 98/240898/1
2020-08-10 Victor CebolladaSpecified C++17 standard for the CMake projects. 43/240643/4
2020-08-07 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.9.24" into devel/master
2020-08-07 David SteeleDALi Version 1.9.24 72/240572/1 dali_1.9.24
2020-08-07 Adeel KazmiMerge "No longer using std::unary_function<>." into...
2020-08-07 Seoyeon KimMerge "Add a TextEditor property to limit input to...
2020-08-06 Adeel KazmiMerge "Add move semantics to toolkit Window" into devel...
2020-08-06 Richard HuangAdd move semantics to toolkit Window 81/240481/1
2020-08-06 György StraubNo longer using std::unary_function<>. 50/240450/1
2020-08-06 Seoyeon KimAdd a TextEditor property to limit input to maximum... 90/240390/3
2020-08-05 Adeel KazmiUse static_assert instead of DALI_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT 42/240342/1
2020-08-05 joogab yunMerge "add minLineSize at text-utils-devel" into devel...
2020-08-05 Shinwoo Kimfix typo 86/240286/1
2020-08-04 Richard HuangRename OnStage signals and related internal changes 16/240216/2
2020-08-04 Joogab Yunadd minLineSize at text-utils-devel 90/240190/4
2020-07-31 Cheng-Shiun... DALi Version 1.9.23 98/239998/1 dali_1.9.23
2020-07-30 Adeel KazmiMerge "Add move semantics to common and base Toolkit...
2020-07-30 Adeel KazmiMerge "Changes after touch consumed behaviour change...
2020-07-30 Adeel KazmiChanges after touch consumed behaviour change 63/239663/8
2020-07-30 joogab yunMerge "There is an issue with scale, so change to LINEA...
2020-07-30 Joogab YunThere is an issue with scale, so change to LINEAR. 90/239690/6
2020-07-29 Richard HuangAdd move semantics to common and base Toolkit classes 77/239777/2
2020-07-29 Heeyong SongFix memory leak 03/239703/1
2020-07-27 Adeel KazmiAdd a test to check the default Control OnPinch method 69/239569/1
2020-07-27 Seoyeon KimReset the number of characters to add in deleting all... 97/239297/4
2020-07-24 Adeel KazmiMerge "Rendering optimisation with AddOn" into devel...
2020-07-24 Adeel KazmiMerge "Updates for NativeImageInterface" into devel...
2020-07-24 adam.bRendering optimisation with AddOn 28/238028/12
2020-07-24 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.9.22" into devel/master
2020-07-24 Richard HuangDALi Version 1.9.22 97/239397/1 dali_1.9.22
2020-07-24 Wonsik JungAdd the synchronization between Ui and Video player 34/235934/34
2020-07-22 Heeyong SongMerge "Do not request relayout when a control backgroun...
2020-07-21 David SteeleUpdates for NativeImageInterface 47/238947/2
2020-07-21 joogab yunMerge "Corrects the position. This required correction...
2020-07-20 Victor CebolladaRemove unused CMakeLists.txt file 41/238941/1
2020-07-20 Heeyong SongDo not request relayout when a control background color... 03/238803/2
2020-07-20 Joogab YunCorrects the position. 36/238436/9
2020-07-17 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Fix compilation error in tests caused... 37/238837/1
2020-07-17 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.9.21" into devel/master
2020-07-17 adam.bDALi Version 1.9.21 13/238813/1 dali_1.9.21
2020-07-17 Heeyong SongMerge "(Visual) Support CORNER_RADIUS_POLICY" into...
2020-07-15 Adeel KazmiChanges after Stage moved to Devel API 20/238520/3
2020-07-15 Adeel KazmiMerge changes I73656a3e,Ic6a1d6e9 into devel/master
2020-07-15 Adeel KazmiMerge "(Automated Tests) Get ObjectRegistry from Core...
2020-07-15 Wander Lairson... windows: Fix .pdb debug symbol file installation 05/238605/1
2020-07-15 Wander Lairson... tree-node.h: Include string header file 03/238603/2
2020-07-15 Minho SunMerge "Add child property support for FlexLayout" into...
2020-07-14 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Get ObjectRegistry from Core rather... 13/238513/1
2020-07-14 Yeongjong LeeAdd child property support for FlexLayout 89/237889/8
2020-07-14 Seungho BAEKMerge "Automated TC modify. To make minimum batch size...
2020-07-14 Heeyong Song(Visual) Support CORNER_RADIUS_POLICY 84/237184/4
2020-07-14 Seungho, BaekAutomated TC modify. To make minimum batch size and... 86/238386/3
2020-07-13 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Use Scene instead of Stage 13/238413/2
2020-07-13 Adeel KazmiMerge "(Automated Tests) Changes after Window changes...
2020-07-13 Adeel KazmiMerge "Add GetLastCharacterIndex()." into devel/master
2020-07-13 Heeyong SongMerge "(Vector) Ensure not to add duplicated task"...
2020-07-13 Joogab YunAdd GetLastCharacterIndex(). 67/238267/9
2020-07-13 joogab yunMerge "Divide Render() into small apis" into devel...
2020-07-10 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Changes after Window changes in Adaptor 19/238119/2
2020-07-10 Joogab YunDivide Render() into small apis 04/238204/6
2020-07-10 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 1.9.20 83/238283/1 dali_1.9.20
2020-07-09 Adeel KazmiMerge "Call LoadTexture() for ReleasePolicy" into devel...
2020-07-09 Adeel KazmiMerge "Support Asynchronous Loading of Animated Image...
2020-07-09 Richard HuangSupport weak handle for BaseHandle 16/238116/2
2020-07-08 Sunghyun KimCall LoadTexture() for ReleasePolicy 33/237633/7
2020-07-08 Heeyong Song(Vector) Ensure not to add duplicated task 57/237857/2
2020-07-06 Seungho, BaekSupport Asynchronous Loading of Animated Image 16/236716/18
2020-07-03 Adeel KazmiMerge "Remove non-touch related deprecated APIs" into...
2020-07-03 Victor CebolladaDALi Version 1.9.19 64/237764/1 dali_1.9.19
2020-07-02 Richard HuangRemove non-touch related deprecated APIs 85/237685/2
2020-06-30 Adeel KazmiFixed SVACE error in TextVisual 74/237474/2
2020-06-26 Victor CebolladaFixes for the CMake build on MS-Windows. 85/237285/2
2020-06-26 György StraubDALi Version 1.9.18 50/237250/1 dali_1.9.18
2020-06-25 sunghyun kimMerge "Change not to use the mask if it is set to an...
2020-06-24 Seungho, BaekSupport WebP format 76/236076/13
2020-06-24 Richard HuangMove some public apis in toolkit to devel 59/237059/1