4 days ago Joogab YunMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen accepted/tizen_unified tizen accepted/tizen/unified/20201203.123837 submit/tizen/20201202.010141
8 days ago Richard HuangDALi Version 2.0.3 27/248527/1 dali_2.0.3
9 days ago Jiyun YangMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen accepted/tizen/unified/20201126.123701 submit/tizen/20201126.083730
2020-11-20 Cheng-Shiun... changing writing directory for Android 40/247840/8
2020-11-20 György StraubDALi Version 2.0.2 82/248082/1 dali_2.0.2
2020-11-19 Heeyong SongMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen accepted/tizen/unified/20201120.125455 submit/tizen/20201119.081650
2020-11-13 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fixed SVACE defects in Particles example." into...
2020-11-13 Cheng-Shiun... DALi Version 2.0.1 07/247707/1 dali_2.0.1
2020-11-13 György StraubFixed SVACE defects in Particles example. 91/247691/1
2020-11-12 Adeel Kazmi(Waves Example) Ensure all members are initialised 23/247623/1
2020-11-10 Wonsik JungMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen accepted/tizen_6.0_unified tizen_6.0 accepted/tizen/6.0/unified/20201111.064926 accepted/tizen/6.0/unified/20201128.020324 accepted/tizen/unified/20201110.230605 submit/tizen/20201110.094917 submit/tizen_6.0/20201110.110443 submit/tizen_6.0/20201110.230218 submit/tizen_6.0/20201110.230946 submit/tizen_6.0/20201127.133124 submit/tizen_6.0/20201127.164604
2020-11-09 Adeel KazmiMerge "Added Waves example." into devel/master
2020-11-09 György StraubFixed the rotation in primitive-shapes-example (y was... 91/247191/2
2020-11-09 György StraubAdded Waves example. 34/246734/8
2020-11-06 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 2.0.0 75/247175/1 dali_2.0.0
2020-11-05 Adeel KazmiMerge "Reduced complexity of dali-table-view" into...
2020-11-05 Adeel KazmiReduced complexity of dali-table-view 33/246733/5
2020-11-05 György StraubAdded Particles example. 42/246542/9
2020-11-05 Wonsik JungMerge "Modify window enum type's use-case" into devel...
2020-11-02 György StraubFixed the rotation interaction in the Reflection example. 58/246458/3
2020-11-02 György StraubFixed the rotation interaction in the Primitive Shapes... 54/246354/4
2020-11-02 György StraubFixed the rotation interaction in the Mesh Visual example. 60/246460/3
2020-11-02 György StraubSimplified the Scripted UI example. 57/246457/4
2020-10-30 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 1.9.36" into devel/master
2020-10-30 David SteeleDALi Version 1.9.36 32/246532/1 dali_1.9.36
2020-10-28 seunghoMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen accepted/tizen/unified/20201103.123410 submit/tizen/20201030.020452
2020-10-28 seunghoRevert "[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed...
2020-10-26 Wonsik JungModify window enum type's use-case 59/246159/1
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] MERGING MARKER 36/244436/12
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Squashed implementation 69/213269/37
2020-10-23 Adeel KazmiMerge "Error message when demo lib doesn't have main...
2020-10-23 adam.bDALi Version 1.9.35 06/246106/1 dali_1.9.35
2020-10-20 Adeel KazmiMerge "Add DALI_EXPORT_API to main()" into devel/master
2020-10-19 Cheng-Shiun... Add DALI_EXPORT_API to main() 11/245911/2
2020-10-19 Cheng-Shiun... Error message when demo lib doesn't have main() 10/245910/1
2020-10-17 Adeel KazmiMerge "Use dali-adaptor api to read files from inside...
2020-10-17 Cheng-Shiun... Use dali-adaptor api to read files from inside apk 75/245775/4
2020-10-16 Richard HuangDALi Version 1.9.34 39/245839/1 dali_1.9.34
2020-10-14 Cheng-Shiun... Load libraries directly from apk instead of file path 56/245656/4
2020-10-14 Cheng-Shiun... Add ERROR message in the case of serious error 48/245648/2
2020-10-14 joogab yunMerge "Dali_test: add test for enable_editing" into...
2020-10-09 György StraubDALi Version 1.9.33 66/245466/1 dali_1.9.33
2020-10-07 Ali AlzyodDali_test: add test for enable_editing 93/244493/2
2020-10-07 David SteeleUpdated android build to use C++17 58/245358/1
2020-10-06 Daekwang Ryu[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed behaviour... accepted/tizen_6.0_unified_hotfix tizen_6.0_hotfix accepted/tizen/6.0/unified/20201030.113432 accepted/tizen/6.0/unified/hotfix/20201103.002417 accepted/tizen/unified/20201007.090633 submit/tizen/20201006.153948 submit/tizen_6.0/20201029.205105 submit/tizen_6.0_hotfix/20201102.192505 submit/tizen_6.0_hotfix/20201103.114805 tizen_6.0.m2_release
2020-10-06 Daekwang RyuMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2020-10-06 Daekwang RyuRevert "[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed...
2020-10-06 joogab yunMerge "Dali-tests: add support for SELECTED_TEXT_START...
2020-10-02 Cheng-Shiun... DALi Version 1.9.32 13/245113/1 dali_1.9.32
2020-09-28 György StraubConst correctness improvements for Property::Value. 78/244978/3
2020-09-28 ali198724Dali-tests: add support for SELECTED_TEXT_START/END 98/244398/3
2020-09-25 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 1.9.31 84/244884/1 dali_1.9.31
2020-09-23 Sunghyun Kim[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed behaviour... accepted/tizen/unified/20200924.072519 submit/tizen/20200923.133541 submit/tizen/20200923.193806
2020-09-23 Sunghyun KimMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2020-09-23 Sunghyun KimRevert "[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed...
2020-09-18 David SteeleDALi Version 1.9.30 41/244441/1 dali_1.9.30
2020-09-17 Adeel KazmiRemoved duplicated code by creating third-party folder 66/244366/1
2020-09-16 Seoyeon Kim[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed behaviour... accepted/tizen/unified/20200917.030630 submit/tizen/20200916.173718
2020-09-16 Seoyeon KimMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2020-09-16 Seoyeon KimRevert "[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed...
2020-09-11 adam.bDALi Version 1.9.29 67/243967/1 dali_1.9.29
2020-09-10 David SteeleUpdated demos to use DALi clang-format 53/243853/3
2020-09-09 György StraubFixed DGEUF-1841. 55/243755/1
2020-09-07 Joogab Yun[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed behaviour... accepted/tizen/unified/20200911.043229 submit/tizen/20200908.102446 submit/tizen/20200910.200255
2020-09-07 Joogab YunMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2020-09-07 Joogab YunRevert "Revert "Renamed KeyEvent enum values to comply...
2020-09-07 Joogab YunRevert "Revert "KeyEvent class pimpling""
2020-09-07 Joogab YunRevert "[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed...
2020-09-04 Richard HuangDALi Version 1.9.28 77/243277/1 dali_1.9.28
2020-09-03 Adeel KazmiRemove use of deprecated Control flag REQUIRES_STYLE_CH... 73/243173/1
2020-09-03 Adeel KazmiMerge "Moved Gesture::State and -::Type to gesture...
2020-09-02 Adeel KazmiChanges after TouchedSignal changes 41/243041/2
2020-09-02 György StraubMoved Gesture::State and -::Type to gesture-enumerations.h. 30/243030/1
2020-09-02 Joogab YunUpdates following rename of PropertyBuffer accepted/tizen/unified/20200903.151818 submit/tizen/20200902.124054
2020-09-01 Joogab YunRefactoring Gestures Class 86/236886/10
2020-09-01 Joogab YunRevert "Updates following rename of PropertyBuffer"
2020-09-01 Joogab Yun[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed behaviour...
2020-09-01 Joogab YunRevert "KeyEvent class pimpling"
2020-09-01 Joogab YunRevert "Renamed KeyEvent enum values to comply with...
2020-09-01 Joogab YunMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2020-09-01 Joogab YunRevert "[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed...
2020-09-01 György StraubRenaming of enum values for coding standards compliance. 79/242679/2
2020-08-28 Victor CebolladaDALi Version 1.9.27 28/242628/1 dali_1.9.27
2020-08-27 Adeel KazmiMerge "Removing unused variables" into devel/master
2020-08-27 David SteeleRemoving unused variables 44/242544/1
2020-08-27 György StraubRenamed KeyEvent enum values to comply with coding... 09/242509/5
2020-08-26 Adeel KazmiChanges after RotationGesture made public 18/242418/1
2020-08-25 Adeel Kazmi(Animated Shapes) Restore yellow colour for top shape 62/242362/1
2020-08-25 Adeel KazmiMerge "Updates following rename of PropertyBuffer"...
2020-08-25 Adeel KazmiMerge "KeyEvent class pimpling" into devel/master
2020-08-25 Adeel KazmiMerge "Changed Animation API enums to uppercase." into...
2020-08-25 David SteeleUpdates following rename of PropertyBuffer 92/242292/1
2020-08-25 Richard HuangKeyEvent class pimpling 85/242285/1
2020-08-24 David SteeleUpdating following publication of DevelHandle APIs 53/242153/3
2020-08-24 adam.bChanged Animation API enums to uppercase. 68/242168/2
2020-08-24 Joogab Yun[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed behaviour... accepted/tizen/unified/20200826.133124 accepted/tizen/unified/20200831.001934 submit/tizen/20200825.050532 submit/tizen/20200828.113809
2020-08-24 Joogab YunMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2020-08-24 Joogab YunRevert "[Tizen] Revert "Changes after touch consumed...
2020-08-24 Joogab YunRevert "Revert "Changes after TouchData renamed to...
2020-08-24 Joogab YunRevert "Revert "Fixups following removal of touch-event.h""