4 days ago Eunki, Hong[Tizen] Appendix log for ttrace 97/293297/2 tizen
5 days ago Eunki Hong[Tizen] Remove to call key consumed event in ATSPI...
5 days ago Eunki HongRevert "[Tizen] Remove to call key consumed event in...
6 days ago Seoyeon KimMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
6 days ago Heeyong SongMake Adaptor request event process regardless of state 44/292944/4
8 days ago Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 2.2.27" into devel/master
8 days ago David SteeleDALi Version 2.2.27 96/293096/1 dali_2.2.27
9 days ago seungho baekCheck whether the framebuffer has color texture or... 69/293069/1
11 days ago Wonsik JungMerge "Add window move/resize completed signal" into...
11 days ago Wonsik JungAdd window move/resize completed signal 32/292832/4
11 days ago Daekwang RyuMerge "Add performance logs in WindowBase and System...
12 days ago Heeyong SongMerge "Remove list item in error case" into devel/master
12 days ago Daekwang RyuAdd performance logs in WindowBase and System (ecore_wl2) 97/292697/4
12 days ago Heeyong SongRemove list item in error case 09/292809/1
13 days ago Heeyong SongFix build warning 70/292170/2
2023-05-12 Adeel KazmiMerge "Added recycling of Graphics resources." into...
2023-05-12 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 2.2.26" into devel/master
2023-05-12 Lukasz OleksakMerge "[AT-SPI] Remove State::SENSITIVE from Applicatio...
2023-05-12 Richard HuangDALi Version 2.2.26 59/292759/1 dali_2.2.26
2023-05-11 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Remove State::SENSITIVE from ApplicationAccessible 12/292712/1
2023-05-11 Bowon RyuAdd support for FontClientFontPreLoad API 24/292224/8
2023-05-09 Adam BialogonskiAdded recycling of Graphics resources. 89/290289/5
2023-05-05 Adam BialogonskiDALi Version 2.2.25 95/292395/1 dali_2.2.25
2023-05-03 joogab.yunWhen the mouse is out, the previous mouse must be canceled. 96/292296/1
2023-05-03 joogab.yunAdd MouseInOutEventSignal 71/292271/4
2023-05-02 Daekwang RyuMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen accepted/tizen_unified accepted/tizen/unified/20230504.054928
2023-04-28 Eunki HongMerge "Make FontClient::New() for async text load"...
2023-04-28 Eunki HongMerge "Fix coverity issue - Check app_event error code...
2023-04-28 Richard HuangDALi Version 2.2.24 80/292180/1 dali_2.2.24
2023-04-28 ANZ1217Fix coverity issue - Check app_event error code 53/292153/1
2023-04-27 Heeyong SongMerge "Add performance check logs" into devel/master
2023-04-26 Heeyong SongAdd performance check logs 07/292007/1
2023-04-26 joogab.yunMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen accepted/tizen/unified/20230428.155059
2023-04-26 Eunki, HongMake FontClient::New() for async text load 03/289603/4
2023-04-25 Bowon RyuMerge "Add support for FontClient PreCache in candidate...
2023-04-24 David SteeleMerge "Introduce WindowData" into devel/master
2023-04-24 Bowon RyuAdd support for FontClient PreCache in candidate process 90/291790/3
2023-04-21 David SteeleMerge "Enabled sampler arrays in shader" into devel...
2023-04-20 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 2.2.23 13/291713/1 dali_2.2.23
2023-04-19 David SteeleEnabled sampler arrays in shader 41/291641/1
2023-04-19 Chihun JeongMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen accepted/tizen/unified/20230420.091914
2023-04-17 David SteeleAdding instanced draws 56/291356/3
2023-04-17 David SteeleAdded max texture unit getter 81/291281/3
2023-04-17 dongsug songMerge "[AT-SPI] Add Value::GetValueText()" into devel...
2023-04-14 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 2.2.22" into devel/master
2023-04-14 Adam BialogonskiDALi Version 2.2.22 97/291397/1 dali_2.2.22
2023-04-14 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Add Value::GetValueText() 24/291324/2
2023-04-14 Taehyub KimReset DragWindow when dragging is finished (Accept... 83/291383/2
2023-04-14 Daekwang RyuIntroduce WindowData 55/290155/9
2023-04-12 jykeonMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen accepted/tizen/unified/20230414.125203
2023-04-11 Heeyong SongLoad image loader plugin if requested 85/291185/1
2023-04-07 Eunki, HongFix coverity issue (Use fontDescription after move) 23/291023/4
2023-04-06 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 2.2.21" into devel/master
2023-04-06 David SteeleDALi Version 2.2.21 31/291031/1 dali_2.2.21
2023-04-06 dongsug songMerge "Use c-style string when webview loads contents...
2023-04-05 Hosang Kim[Tizen] Remove to call key consumed event in ATSPI...
2023-04-05 Hosang KimMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2023-04-05 Hosang KimRevert "[Tizen] Remove to call key consumed event in...
2023-04-05 Hosang KimRevert "[Tizen] Revert "AsyncTaskManager overhead reduce""
2023-04-05 joogab.yunAdd trace log mouse button and wheel 10/290910/1
2023-04-04 huayong.xuUse c-style string when webview loads contents. 49/290849/1
2023-04-04 Wonsik JungMerge "Fix the calculating logic for input region"...
2023-04-03 Wonsik JungFix the calculating logic for input region 07/290807/1
2023-04-01 Eunki, HongMake enum for RunningTaskState + Clean code 15/290615/7
2023-03-31 Eunki HongMerge "Fix performance down if DefaultFontDescription...
2023-03-31 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 2.2.20" into devel/master
2023-03-31 Adam BialogonskiDALi Version 2.2.20 33/290733/1 dali_2.2.20
2023-03-31 Eunki HongFix performance down if DefaultFontDescription not... 84/290684/3
2023-03-31 Eunki, Hong[Tizen] Revert "AsyncTaskManager overhead reduce" 10/290710/1
2023-03-31 Jiyun Yang[Tizen] Remove to call key consumed event in ATSPI...
2023-03-31 Jiyun YangMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2023-03-31 Jiyun YangRevert "[Tizen] Remove to call key consumed event in...
2023-03-30 Daekwang RyuAdd Window::SetLayout method 38/290338/4
2023-03-29 Eunki HongMerge "AsyncTaskManager overhead reduce" into devel...
2023-03-28 Bowon RyuMerge "Add FontClientPreCache API to FontClient" into...
2023-03-28 Bowon RyuAdd FontClientPreCache API to FontClient 95/290395/10
2023-03-28 Woochan Lee[Tizen] Remove to call key consumed event in ATSPI... accepted/tizen/unified/20230330.025604
2023-03-28 Woochan LeeMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2023-03-28 Woochan LeeRevert "[Tizen] Remove to call key consumed event in...
2023-03-28 Eunki HongAsyncTaskManager overhead reduce 33/289933/9
2023-03-27 Daekwang RyuAdd Move method in WindowRenderSurface 51/290251/4
2023-03-24 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fixed auto-conversion of RGB source images into...
2023-03-24 David SteeleFixed auto-conversion of RGB source images into RGBA... 42/290442/2
2023-03-24 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 2.2.19" into devel/master
2023-03-24 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 2.2.19 28/290428/1 dali_2.2.19
2023-03-24 Eunki, HongFix mistake of Harfbuzz extents calculation 17/290417/1
2023-03-23 Eunki, HongMake GlyphCacheManager cache shared_ptr of GlyphCacheData 59/290359/2
2023-03-23 Bowon RyuAdd get/set Dpi to window system 04/290204/8
2023-03-23 Eunki HongMerge "Make GlyphBufferData as another class" into...
2023-03-23 Bowon RyuMerge "Add EnsureFontClientCreated to StyleMonitor...
2023-03-23 Eunki HongMake GlyphBufferData as another class 30/289930/4
2023-03-21 Artur ŚwigońMerge "[AT-SPI] Prevent flooding D-Bus with PostRender...
2023-03-21 Bowon RyuAdd EnsureFontClientCreated to StyleMonitor 53/290153/2
2023-03-20 Eunki, HongUse PixelData to upload texture. 77/290077/4
2023-03-20 Wonsik Jung[Tizen] Remove to call key consumed event in ATSPI... accepted/tizen/unified/20230321.123205
2023-03-20 Wonsik JungMerge branch 'devel/master' into tizen
2023-03-20 Wonsik JungRevert "[Tizen] Remove to call key consumed event in...
2023-03-20 Bowon RyuAdd trace log to check text performance 19/289919/4
2023-03-17 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 2.2.18" into devel/master
2023-03-17 David SteeleDALi Version 2.2.18 38/290038/1 dali_2.2.18