Socket's implementation of ref_state_set to return empty sets instead of NULL
[platform/core/uifw/at-spi2-atk.git] / atk-adaptor /
2011-10-28 Mario Sanchez PradaSocket's implementation of ref_state_set to return...
2011-10-19 Matthias ClasenDon't leave va_args dangling
2011-09-24 Matthias ClasenPrevent gnome-shell getting stuck on the login screen
2011-09-19 Mike GorseBGO#658013: Add timeout to check for disconnect on...
2011-08-29 Alejandro PiñeiroUsing new format to register to window events
2011-08-15 Mike GorseFixed some problems when shutting down and restarting...
2011-07-28 Mike GorseYet more build fixes
2011-07-28 Mike GorseFix breakage introduced in last commit
2011-07-27 Mike GorseSome refactoring to remove duplicate code and other...
2011-07-24 Joanmarie DiggsFix for bug 653872 - New ATK Roles
2011-07-11 Mike GorseEnsure the detail ints are initialized before sending...
2011-06-30 Mike GorseAdd AT-SPI mapping for ATK_RELATION_NODE_PARENT_OF
2011-06-23 Mike GorseBGO#652858: Deregister objects on state-changed::defunct
2011-06-22 Mike GorseBGO#652596: Allow setting CurrentValue via dbus propert...
2011-06-21 Mike GorseOnly register for events when something is listening
2011-06-17 Mike GorseBGO#652797: Remove unused AtkMisc instance
2011-06-16 Mike GorseFix some warnings
2011-05-23 Mike GorseAdd GetAtspiVersion
2011-05-22 Mike GorseAlways emit children-changed, property-change, and...
2011-05-20 Patrick WelcheBuild fixes.
2011-05-16 Mike GorseCheck table description strings for valid UTF-8
2011-05-16 Mike GorseBGO#650286: Ensure valid UTF-8 from ATK
2011-05-13 Mike GorseFix matching attributes on collection interfaces
2011-05-13 Mike GorseReentrancy fixes when using --disable-p2p
2011-04-27 Mike GorseRemove unused file
2011-04-08 Michael Meeksfix leak
2011-03-22 Alejandro PiñeiroRemove not required dbus-glib includes
2011-03-21 Mario Sanchez PradaProvide a SetCurrentValue method in the value adaptor...
2011-03-21 Fernando HerreraBGO#638377: Handle text-insert, text-remove, and text...
2011-03-21 Mike GorseUse libatspi to get the accessibility bus and handle...
2011-03-08 Mike GorseFix accessibility of root apps on Linux
2011-03-08 Frederic CrozatAdd missing header.
2011-03-04 Mike GorseClose the X display when we're finished with it
2011-03-04 Mike GorseDo not exit if the accessibility bus disconnects
2011-02-23 Mike GorseFix some missing prototypes
2011-02-21 Mike GorseRevert "Use abs_top_srcdir rather than top_builddir...
2011-02-21 Mario LangFix some memory leaks, initialize a variable, and add...
2011-02-21 Frederic CrozatAdd missing standard header / fix prototype
2011-02-19 Matthias ClasenDon't leak remove_data in remove_events
2011-02-19 Matthias ClasenFree option context after use
2011-02-19 Matthias ClasenDon't leak path in emit_event
2011-02-19 Matthias ClasenDon't leak property data in spi_atk_bridge_get_bus
2011-02-10 Mike GorseBGO#641869: Remove --enable-relocate and associated...
2011-02-06 Mike Gorse/tmp/at-spi2 should be created with permissions of...
2011-02-06 Mike GorseFix for BGO#641338: Gracefully handle errors listening...
2011-02-06 Mike GorseUse abs_top_srcdir rather than top_builddir for the...
2011-01-31 Mike GorseAdd SetExtents, SetPosition, and SetSize
2011-01-06 Mike GorseFix some memory leaks
2011-01-03 Mike GorseInitialize app_bus_addr if p2p is disabled
2011-01-03 Mike GorseCheck for a NULL pending call before calling dbus_pendi...
2010-12-30 Mike GorseAvoid calling a deprecated libdbus function
2010-12-28 Mike Gorseatk-bridge.desktop should set GTK_PATH, not GTK_PATH64
2010-12-15 Mike GorseSome fixes for--disable-p2p
2010-12-08 Mike GorseDon't free an event name until we're done with it
2010-12-03 Mike GorseMerge branch 'p2p'
2010-12-03 Mike GorseDisable for dbus-glib prior to 0.9.0
2010-12-01 Mike GorseRemove some unused variables
2010-11-29 Mike GorseExpect attributes in a collection match rule to be...
2010-11-05 Mike GorseRemove g_atexit handler.
2010-10-18 Mike GorseFire all events until we receive a reply from GetRegist...
2010-10-07 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into p2p
2010-10-07 Mike GorseFire all events until we receive a reply from GetRegist...
2010-10-01 Mike GorseDisable p2p functionality if AT_SPI_CLIENT is set
2010-09-29 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into p2p
2010-09-01 Mike GorseHave value methods return 0 on failure rather than...
2010-08-31 Mike GorseFix the build
2010-08-31 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into p2p
2010-08-31 MatthiAS ClasenMake the module resident.
2010-08-31 Mike GorsePeer-to-peer fixes; work in progress
2010-08-31 Trevor Saundersupdate introspection.[ch]
2010-08-31 Trevor Saundersimprove how the dbus address is handled
2010-08-31 Trevor Saunderscode cleanup
2010-08-31 Trevor Saunders enable peer to peer comunication for at-spi2
2010-08-16 Mike GorseOnly send events when something is listening for them
2010-08-16 Mike GorseEnsure that an object is registered before adding it...
2010-08-06 Mike GorseHave adaptor_init() return -1 on error and not consider...
2010-08-03 Mike GorseChange remaining g_error calls to g_warning
2010-08-03 Mike GorseDefine -DG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, and remove deprecated...
2010-07-30 Mike GorseMake initial Embed call asynchronous
2010-07-20 Mike GorseImprove introspection
2010-07-13 Mike GorseHave a socket retrieve its state set from its embedded...
2010-06-23 Mike GorseFix a warning and an incorrect return value
2010-06-23 Mario Sanchez PradaRemoved the extra boolean parameter added to know when...
2010-06-22 Mario Sanchez PradaAdded a new boolean parameter to allow specifying when...
2010-06-21 Mike GorseRemove extra call from impl_GetColumnHeader
2010-06-18 Mike GorseHave ChildCount and GetChildAtIndex take sockets into...
2010-06-18 Mike GorseFix NSelectedRows/Columns in introspection
2010-06-17 Mike GorseFix NSelectedRows and NSelectedColumns
2010-06-16 Mike GorseAdd GetChildren to Accessible introspection
2010-06-16 Mike Gorseref an object while adding it to the cache
2010-06-03 Mike GorseLease objects that send events if they are not cached
2010-06-03 Mike GorseTreat children-changed::add:system as equivalent to...
2010-06-02 Mike GorseUse Makefile.include for gtk-3.0 Makefile
2010-05-29 Mike GorseInstall to gtk-3.0 as well as gtk-2.0
2010-05-24 Mike GorseFix cache object path and interface names
2010-05-18 Mike GorseMove cache updates to an idle
2010-05-17 Mike GorseHyperlink fixes
2010-05-03 Mike GorseFix handling of MATCH_ANY for empty statesets in a...
2010-04-29 Mike GorsePrevent crash if calling Embed returns something unexpected