2015-04-27 Shinwoo KimRemove X related lines 14/38714/1 accepted/tizen_common accepted/tizen_ivi accepted/tizen_mobile accepted/tizen_tv accepted/tizen_wearable tizen tizen_3.0.2015.q2_common tizen_3.0.m1_mobile tizen_3.0.m1_tv accepted/tizen/common/20150428.153938 accepted/tizen/ivi/20160218.023837 accepted/tizen/mobile/20150427.234822 accepted/tizen/tv/20150427.234442 accepted/tizen/wearable/20150427.234602 submit/tizen/20150427.115726 submit/tizen_common/20151015.190624 submit/tizen_common/20151019.135620 submit/tizen_ivi/20160217.000000 submit/tizen_ivi/20160217.000003 tizen_3.0.m1_mobile_release tizen_3.0.m1_tv_release tizen_3.0.m2.a1_mobile_release tizen_3.0.m2.a1_tv_release
2015-04-21 Patryk KaczmarekVersion number separation marks changed in spec file 80/38480/1
2015-04-16 Patryk Kaczmarekspec file, manifest and gbs.conf adapted for Tizen accepted/tizen/common/20150416.132531 accepted/tizen/mobile/20150416.235401 accepted/tizen/tv/20150416.234636 accepted/tizen/wearable/20150417.020550 submit/tizen/20150416.120758 submit/tizen_wearable/20150416.235943
2014-03-24 Mike Gorse2.12.0 upstream AT_SPI2_ATK_2_12_0
2014-03-06 Alejandro PiñeiroBump dbus version needed
2014-03-03 Mike GorseRelease v2.11.91
2014-02-24 Mike GorseAllow EventListenerRegistered with old signature
2014-02-20 Mike GorseCollection: Fix an infinite loop when encountering...
2014-02-18 Mike GorseRelease v2.11.90
2014-02-18 Mike GorseAdd AtspitableCell, tracking the new atk interface
2014-02-04 Mike GorseRelease v2.11.5
2014-02-03 Mike GorseSupport sending data with events
2013-12-16 Mike GorseRelease v2.11.3
2013-12-02 Alejandro Piñeirodocument: add support for newly added AtkDocument metho...
2013-11-20 Mike GorseFix GetBoundedRanges
2013-11-20 Mike GorsePost-release version bump
2013-11-19 Mike GorseRelease v2.11.2
2013-11-18 Alejandro Piñeirostates: add ATSPI_STATE_CHECKABLE and ATSPI_STATE_HAS_POPUP
2013-11-18 Mike GorseBump AT-SPI version requirement
2013-11-18 Alejandro Piñeiroroles: create new AT-SPI2 roles for ARIA roles (and...
2013-11-18 Alejandro PiñeiroSupport for roles TITLE_BAR, BLOCK_QUOTE, AUDIO and...
2013-10-28 Mike GorseRelease v2.11.1
2013-10-23 Mike GorseFix atk_component_contains wrapper
2013-09-23 Mike GorseRelease as v2.10.0
2013-09-16 Mike GorseRelease v2.9.92
2013-09-15 Mike GorseAllow a :-separated list of attribute values when readi...
2013-09-05 Mike GorseProperly clean up when timing out on a keystroke listener
2013-08-19 Mike GorseRelease v2.9.90
2013-08-19 Mario Sanchez... Implemented GetStringAtOffset in the text adaptor in...
2013-07-09 Mike GorseFix another crash when we're initialized/shut down...
2013-07-08 Mike GorseRelease v2.9.4
2013-07-01 Mike GorseFix deadlock with key event listeners in our own process
2013-06-17 Mike GorseRelease v2.9.3
2013-06-16 Mike GorseUse atspi_is_initialized to decide whether to expose...
2013-05-28 Mike GorseRelease v2.9.2
2013-05-20 Mike GorseDon't warn if an app returns NULL when referencing...
2013-05-03 Mike GorseAdd a NULL check into register_reply
2013-05-02 Mike GorseMore DBusError leak fixes
2013-04-30 Mike GorseEnsure that DBus errors are freed
2013-04-10 Mike GorseAdd NULL check to fix crash when receiving a dbus reply...
2013-03-28 Xan Lopezsocket-adaptor: fix memory leak
2013-03-25 Mike GorseRelease as v2.8.0
2013-03-04 Mike GorseRelease v2.7.91
2013-02-26 Mike GorseAdd Locale property, mapped to atk_object_get_object_locale
2013-02-18 Mike GorseRelease v2.7.90
2013-02-05 Dominique Leuenbergerconfigure: bump atk dependency to 2.7.5 in order to...
2013-02-04 Mike GorseRelease v2.7.5
2013-02-04 Mike GorseUpdate README
2013-02-04 Mike GorseFix various warnings
2013-01-31 Mike GorseSupport ATK_ROLE_LEVEL_BAR
2013-01-04 Mike GorseSimplify
2012-12-17 Mike GorseRelease v2.7.3
2012-12-08 Jasper St.... droute: Fix another memory few memory leaks
2012-11-26 Mike GorseStop using deprecated glib functions
2012-11-20 Mike GorseRe-register if the registry goes away and later returns
2012-11-20 Mike GorseDon't return DBUS_HANDLER_RESULT_HANDLED for NameOwnerC...
2012-11-19 Mike GorseRelease v2.7.2
2012-11-19 Andrew Potter droute: Fix memory leak in path cleanup
2012-11-18 Joanmarie Diggssocket_embed_hook() should return immediately if spi_gl...
2012-11-12 Mike GorseRemove dbind
2012-11-12 Mike GorseFix droute test, and remove dbind dependency
2012-10-29 Giovanni Campagnaatk-adaptor: don't emit a critical in case the bridge...
2012-10-29 Mike GorseUp libatspi dependency to 2.5.92
2012-10-22 Mike GorseRelease v2.7.1
2012-10-11 Bastien NoceraFix unused functions when compiling w/o debug
2012-10-11 Bastien NoceraRemove empty spi_cache_dispose() function
2012-10-11 Bastien Noceradroute: Fix compile-time warnings
2012-09-26 Mike GorseRemove schema
2012-09-24 Mike GorseRelease v2.6.0
2012-09-20 Mike GorseRegister the cache on the main D-Bus connection
2012-09-20 Mike GorseFix crashes in atk_bridge_adaptor_cleanup
2012-09-18 Mike GorseRelease v2.5.92
2012-09-18 Mike GorseFix an errant g_object_unref
2012-09-17 William Jon... Don't leak pending calls
2012-09-17 William Jon... Don't leak message
2012-09-17 William Jon... Don't leak strings
2012-09-17 William Jon... Close the connection when we are done with it
2012-09-14 William Jon... Make cleanup more robust
2012-09-13 Cosimo Cecchiatk-adaptor: plug some refcount leaks
2012-09-13 Mike GorseRemove erroneous debug print introduced in last commit
2012-09-13 Mike GorseOnly initialize the cache when an AT is running
2012-09-06 Colin WaltersFix build for removal of po/ directory
2012-09-06 Claude ParozRemoved po directory
2012-09-04 Mike GorseCorrectly cast hyperlinks in GetURI
2012-09-03 Mike GorseRelease v2.5.91
2012-09-01 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation
2012-08-31 Rūdolfs MazursUpdated Latvian translation
2012-08-21 Alejandro PiñeiroRemoving gtk+3 directory from AC_CONFIG_FILES on config...
2012-08-21 Joanmarie DiggsFix for Bug 678315 - Remove the bridge module for Gtk+ 3
2012-08-20 Mike GorseRelease v2.5.90
2012-08-20 Mike GorseWhen a client is removed, don't continue looking throug...
2012-08-20 Mike GorseDon't leak GError when option parsing fails
2012-08-20 Mike GorseDon't iterate over the list twice when removing events
2012-08-06 Mike GorseRelease v2.5.5
2012-08-06 Daniel NarvaezAllow to build out of source directory
2012-07-30 Mike GorseImplement GetLocalizedName for actions
2012-07-16 Mike GorseRelease v2.5.4
2012-07-09 Mike GorseOnly send property-change signals relevant for caching...
2012-07-09 Mike GorseOnly add items to the cache on children-changed if...
2012-07-06 Mike GorseDon't try to set up the server with a main loop if...