Add atk-bridge
[platform/core/uifw/at-spi2-atk.git] /
2008-04-24 Mike GorseAdd atk-bridge
2008-04-17 Mike GorseInitial commit.
2007-05-30 wwalkerFix for bug 439436 to add pyatspi to the make install...
2007-02-20 kmaraas2007-02-20 Kjartan Maraas <>
2006-02-20 billhReinstated translation; removed Accessibility_Registry...
2004-05-27 billhUpdated NEWS, README; added DISTCLEANFILES to
2004-05-27 billhAdded LoginHelper interface. Fixed test progs to use...
2004-04-28 billhAdded --enable-gtk-doc to DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS.
2004-03-15 laca2004-03-15 Laszlo Peter <>
2002-05-09 billhMade change to support "string" key name specification...
2002-01-10 billhFurther 'make dist' fixage.
2002-01-10 billhBuild tweaks, and updated version number for Beta2.
2002-01-01 billhAPI revisions: tweaks to key event API, added some...
2001-12-10 michael2001-12-10 Michael Meeks <>
2001-12-10 billhRemoved po directory from for now.
2001-11-12 michael2001-11-13 Michael Meeks <>
2001-09-27 billhAdded directory 'util' for accessibility-related
2001-08-18 billhAdded new test that uses the C bindings API (test/simpl...
2001-08-18 billhAdded makefile support for cspi directory.
2001-08-16 michael2001-08-16 Michael Meeks <>
2001-08-14 billh CHANGES:
2001-07-25 billhInitial revision