2013-10-22 Jae-young Hwangbug fix : prevent issue CID 13716 tizen_2.2 2.2.1_release submit/tizen_2.2/20131107.055953
2013-07-15 juhoMerge branch 'tizen_2.2'
2013-06-24 Seokhyun KimAdd Native platform information log on/off option 2.2_release submit/tizen_2.2/20130714.140005 submit/tizen_2.2/20130714.144645
2013-06-20 juhomodify Requires(post): smack-utils for libdlog
2013-06-18 juhoadd smack-utils requires(post) in spec
2013-06-17 juhochange dlog control logic
2013-05-10 juhoMerge branch 'tizen_2.1_smack' into tizen_2.1 tizen_2.1 submit/tizen_2.1/20130514.052219
2013-05-10 Maciej WereskiFix typo in tizen-debug-level.service
2013-05-06 juhoadd smack rule
2013-04-17 juhofix the service file for correct service condition... 2.1b_release accepted/tizen_2.1/20130425.032937 submit/tizen_2.1/20130424.233018
2013-04-17 juhochange set the platformlogging mode on method in tizen...
2013-04-12 juhoMerge branch 'master' into tizen_2.1
2013-03-15 Jinkun Jangmerge with master
2013-03-13 Jinkun Jangsync
2013-03-12 Jinkun JangTizen 2.1 base
2013-03-12 juhodivide smack rules for dlogutil and libdlog
2013-03-04 Maciej Wereski[systemd] Fix Smack labels for systemd units
2013-02-22 juhochange dlog platformlog on/off variable name
2013-02-12 juhorelocate checking dlog priority code for performance
2013-02-04 juhoremove unused dlog script in rc5.d
2013-02-04 juhochange dlog output format
2013-01-30 juhomodified dlogutil smack label
2013-01-18 Anas Nashiffixed build with new compilers
2013-01-18 juhoChange license and copyright
2013-01-10 juhomodified for systemd journal support
2012-12-12 juhoadded syslog.h in dlog.c and dlogutil bug fix
2012-12-10 juhoplatformloggingmode set default on, and fix dlog to...
2012-12-07 Karol Lewandowskisystemd: Add unit to export dlog debug variables globally
2012-12-07 Chengwei YangFix a script warning
2012-12-06 juhofix LOG_IF macro error
2012-12-06 juhofix tizen_platform_env script wrong syntax
2012-12-06 juhofix wrong dlog control script usage message
2012-12-05 juhochange dlog output format and dlog platform logging...
2012-11-05 Chengwei YangFix: '-g' conflicts with '-c' option and update help...
2012-11-05 Chengwei YangFix incorrect access mode check
2012-11-02 Chengwei YangAdd fundamental list functions to manage log devices
2012-11-02 Chengwei YangFix help info
2012-10-24 juhochanged default dlog logging file size
2012-10-24 juhoremoved wrong device rules
2012-10-24 juhoinsert LICENSE file
2012-10-24 juhoAuthor: Karol Lewandowski <>
2012-10-24 juho Import systemd support patches from RSA
2012-10-24 juhoenable app dlog macro
2012-10-24 Karol LewandowskiDon't die in case of messages lacking priority in first...
2012-08-22 juhotizen_2.0 merged 2.0_alpha submit/master/20120920.151109
2012-04-29 Kim Kibumupload tizen1.0 source
2012-03-14 Yan Yinupdate for beta universally
2012-01-06 Kibum KimGit init
2012-01-06 Eunkyoung KimInitial empty repository