3 days ago Gilbok LeeMerge branch 'tizen_gst_1.16.2' into tizen 90/225590/1 tizen submit/tizen/20200221.064623
3 days ago Eunhye Choiqueue2: remove file buffering patch 92/225492/2 tizen_gst_1.16.2
2020-01-29 Gilbok LeeMerge branch 'upstream/1.16' into tizen_gst_1.16.2 76/222676/2
2020-01-08 Eunhye Choiqueue2: handle overwriting the current range correctly 21/221921/2 accepted/tizen_unified accepted/tizen/unified/20200116.120457 submit/tizen/20200108.110116 submit/tizen/20200109.095851
2019-12-27 Eunhye Choimultiqueue: include time criteria to check buffer level 63/221063/1 accepted/tizen/unified/20191230.050133 submit/tizen/20191227.015629
2019-12-03 Tim-Philipp... Release 1.16.2 upstream/1.16 1.16.2
2019-12-03 Tim-Philipp... Update docs
2019-12-03 Tim-Philipp... Update translations
2019-12-03 Tim-Philipp... Revert "gst/parse: define pure-parser depending on...
2019-11-28 Edward Herveytracers: Don't leak temporary GstStructure
2019-11-05 Víctor Manuel... gst/parse: define pure-parser depending on bison version
2019-10-26 Sebastian Drögetee: First deactivate the pad and then remove it when...
2019-10-26 Sebastian Drögetee: Check for the removed pad flag also in the slow...
2019-10-26 Sebastian Drögetee: Lock mutex before reading the removed flag of...
2019-10-24 Sebastian Drögebin: Drop need-context messages without source instead...
2019-10-01 Sebastian Drögegst: Don't pass miniobjects to GST_DEBUG_OBJECT() and...
2019-10-01 Seungha Yanggst-launch: Use gst_print* instead of g_print* to fix...
2019-10-01 Seungha Yanginfo: Take lock around all prinf on Windows
2019-09-23 Tim-Philipp... Release 1.16.1
2019-09-23 Tim-Philipp... Update docs
2019-09-23 Tim-Philipp... Update translations
2019-09-14 Sebastian Drögeelement: Enforce that elements created by gst_element_f...
2019-09-14 Sebastian Drögedevice: Enforce that elements created by gst_device_cre...
2019-09-14 Sebastian Drögedevice: gst_device_create_element() is `transfer floati...
2019-09-10 Eunhye Choi[ptp-helper] set none as permission opt 62/213662/1 accepted/tizen/5.5/unified/20191031.010500 accepted/tizen/unified/20190916.043529 submit/tizen/20190911.030136 submit/tizen_5.5/20191031.000006 tizen_5.5.m2_release
2019-09-08 Jim Masonconsolidated IOV_MAX/UIO_MAXIOV handling per GLib ...
2019-09-08 Jim Masongst_writev: respect IOV_MAX for the writev iovec array...
2019-09-08 David Svensson... miniobject: free qdata array when the last qdata is...
2019-09-03 Nicolas Dufresnebin: Fix minor race when adding to a bin
2019-08-15 Tim-Philipp... meson: fix warning about configure_file() install kwarg
2019-08-14 Sebastian Drögeaggregator: Actually handle NEED_DATA return from updat...
2019-08-14 Sebastian Drögeaggregator: Assert if the sink/src pad type that is...
2019-08-14 Sebastian Drögeaggregator: Ensure that the source pad is created as...
2019-08-14 Guillaume Desmotteslatency: fix custom event leaks
2019-08-14 Guillaume Desmottestracers: set MAY_BE_LEAKED on tracer records
2019-08-14 Guillaume Desmotteslatency: display event pointer in logs
2019-08-11 Alicia Boya... downloadbuffer: Check for flush after seek
2019-08-09 Sebastian Drögeregistry: Use plugin directory from the build system...
2019-08-09 Tim-Philipp... message: fix up enum value for GST_MESSAGE_DEVICE_CHANGED
2019-08-08 Doug Nazarinfo: Fix deadlock in gst_ring_buffer_logger_log
2019-08-08 Nicolas Dufresneidentity: Non-live upstream have no max latency
2019-08-08 Philippe Normandidentity: Fix the ts-offset property getter
2019-08-08 Sebastian Drögeaggregator: Make parsing of explicit sink pad names...
2019-08-08 Nicolas Dufresnebufferpool: Fix the buffer size reset code
2019-08-08 Guillaume Desmottesgstelements_private: sync gst_buffer_get_flags_string...
2019-08-08 Thibault Sauniermultiqueue: never unref queries we do not own
2019-08-08 Sebastian Drögeconcat: Reset last_stop on FLUSH_STOP too
2019-08-08 Sebastian Drögeconcat: Improve debug output a bit
2019-08-08 Tim-Philipp... aggregator: fix flow-return boolean return type mismatch
2019-08-08 Edward Herveygstpad: Probes that return HANDLED can reset the data...
2019-08-07 Nirbheek Chauhanmeson: Link to objects instea of static helper library
2019-08-07 Nirbheek Chauhanmeson: Pass -DGST_STATIC_COMPILATION for static builds
2019-08-07 Michael Olbrichmeson: set correct install path for gdb helper
2019-08-07 Niels De Graefgst: Add support for g_autoptr(GstPromise)
2019-08-07 Niklas HambüchenMake script executable
2019-08-07 Andoni Morales... gst-inspect: fix unused-const-variable error in windows
2019-08-06 Sebastian Drögebase: Include gstbitwriter.h in the single-include...
2019-08-06 Sebastian Drögebitwriter: Fix inclusion of header in C++ code
2019-08-06 Sebastian Drögebitwriter: Mark the whole type as Since: 1.16
2019-08-06 Sebastian Drögecaps: Add Since: 1.16 marker to gst_caps_copy()
2019-08-06 Sebastian Drögeaggregator: Mark all public structs as Since: 1.14
2019-08-06 Sebastian Drögelibs: Fix various Since markers
2019-08-06 Sebastian Drögegst: Fix various Since markers
2019-05-02 Tim-Philipp... ci: use template from 1.16 branch
2019-04-18 Tim-Philipp... Release 1.16.0
2019-04-18 Tim-Philipp... Update docs
2019-04-18 Tim-Philipp... Update translations
2019-04-18 Olivier Crêtebasesrc: Downgrade EOS warning
2019-04-17 Mathieu Duponchelletests: basesrc: unref gst_bus_timed_pop_filtered return
2019-04-17 Mathieu Duponchellegstinfo: clean up function pointer names hashtable
2019-04-16 Tim-Philipp... aggregator: fix doc chunk for new buffer-consumed signal
2019-04-15 Julian Bouzastracer: latency: Don't compare element name as element...
2019-04-15 Julian Bouzastracer: latency: Remove redundant if conditions
2019-04-15 Julian Bouzastracer: latency: Make GST_DEBUG logs consistent
2019-04-15 Julian Bouzastracer: latency: Fix bug when dropping sub-latency...
2019-04-12 Philipp Zabelevent: fix seek event creation
2019-04-11 Xavier Claessensgst-inspect: Do not print warning if 'less' is missing
2019-04-10 Tim-Philipp... Release 1.15.90
2019-04-10 Tim-Philipp... Update docs
2019-04-10 Julian Bouzastracer: latency: Fix typo bug
2019-04-10 Julian Bouzastracer: latency: Fix bug when storing latency probe...
2019-04-10 Sebastian Drögecontrolbinding: Check if the weak pointer was cleared...
2019-04-09 Julian Bouzastracer: latency: Show element id, element name and...
2019-04-08 Julian Bouzasgst-stats: Add element latency support
2019-04-08 Julian Bouzastracer: latency: Show per-element reported latency
2019-04-08 Julian Bouzastracer: latency: Show element's source pad name instead...
2019-04-08 Nicolas Dufresnelatency: Dot not override already stored events
2019-04-08 Nicolas Dufresnetracer: latency: Add parameter to select latency type
2019-04-08 Nicolas Dufresnetracer: latency: Add per element latency tracer
2019-04-08 Nicolas Dufresnetracer: Don't pass pads inside GstEvent
2019-04-05 Mathieu Duponchellebasesrc: do not send EOS when automatic_eos is FALSE
2019-04-05 Mathieu Duponchelleaggregator: add buffer-consumed pad signal
2019-04-05 Antonio Ospitegst-inspect: fix printing the first field of a GstStructure
2019-04-01 Mathieu Duponchelleevent: add new seek parameter, "trickmode-interval"
2019-03-24 Antonio Ospitetests: add the valgrind suppression file from the ...
2019-03-23 Tim-Philipp... g-i: pass --quiet to g-ir-scanner
2019-03-23 Tim-Philipp... check: suppress some g-i warnings
2019-03-23 Tim-Philipp... g-i: silence 'nested extern' compiler warnings when...
2019-03-23 Tim-Philipp... bitwriter: mark as 'skip' for gobject-introspection
2019-03-21 Matthew Watersaggregator: don't leak gap buffer when out of segment