2017-09-15 taeyoon0.leeModified folder structure of widget viewer dali and... 67/146967/6 master accepted/tizen/4.0/unified/20170920.081503 accepted/tizen/unified/20170918.093931 accepted/tizen/unified/20170920.081213 submit/tizen/20170915.115150 submit/tizen/20170918.083101 submit/tizen_4.0/20170915.115230 submit/tizen_4.0/20170918.082934
2017-09-15 taeyoon0.leeMerge branch 'temp' of /home/taeyoon0lee/Workspace...
2017-08-22 Tizen InfrastructureInitial empty repository
2017-08-02 Hwankyu JhunFix typo
2017-07-13 taeyoon0.leeAdded key event transfer
2017-07-06 taeyoon0.leeAdded mouse in/out for mouse event
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeFixed blur issue in widget app
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeAdded ImageView::SetImage instead of NativeImageSource...
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeFix crash by NULL remote surface
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeFix crash by fd increase
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeSet retry message when widget image is removed
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeModified internal api for fault widget case
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeRemoved terminate api from destructor
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeAdded internal property for custom shader
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeAdded internal property for retry text and text input
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeAdded internal property for terminating widget app
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeModified creation aborted and faulted signal
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeModified deleted signal
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeChanged default state text size
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeAdded po files and codes for language change
2017-06-01 taeyoon0.leeAdded state message
2017-06-01 taeyoonAdded internal api for emitting delete signal
2017-06-01 taeyoonAdded property map for loading text and changed default...
2017-05-30 taeyoon0.leeModified relation between preview and loading-text...
2017-05-22 minho.sunFixed crash by wrong default image path
2017-05-12 Heeyong SongRevert "Use old library ABI"
2017-04-25 taeyoon0.leeUse old library ABI
2017-03-23 Hyunho KangSet license using %license
2017-03-09 Hyunho KangRefactor screen-connector
2017-02-02 Hwankyu JhunFix versioning
2017-01-10 taeyoonAdded extra updated event
2016-12-28 taeyoonAdd release request in update buffer callback
2016-12-19 taeyoonSet pre multiplied property
2016-12-19 Hyunho KangReplace tbm to screen-connector for dali
2016-12-16 Taeyoon LeeMerge "Add missed doxygen document in widget_viewer_dal...
2016-12-13 taeyoonChange default permanent delete flag and add CloseRemot...
2016-12-13 taeyoonMerge "Remove key event callback" into tizen_3.0
2016-12-13 taeyoonMerge "Changes resize policy" into tizen_3.0
2016-12-13 taeyoonRemove key event callback
2016-12-13 taeyoonAdd api reference overview doc
2016-12-12 taeyoonChanges resize policy
2016-12-08 taeyoonModify callback return for touch signal propagation
2016-12-06 taeyoonFix crash when CancelTouchEvent() is called
2016-12-02 Seoyeon KimAdd missed doxygen document in widget_viewer_dali
2016-11-23 taeyoonMerge "Fix remote touch event in widget viewer dali...
2016-11-23 taeyoonMove widget view header
2016-11-23 taeyoonFix remote touch event in widget viewer dali
2016-11-14 taeyoonAdd fvisibility flag in widget viewer dali
2016-11-11 taeyoonFix null dereference in widget viewer dali
2016-11-10 taeyoonReplace some APIs to property and clean up
2016-11-04 taeyoonReplace pepper dali with remote surface
2016-06-30 Daehyeon Jungapply widget_instance API changes
2016-06-15 Seoyeon Kim[widget-viewer-dali] Change the license as Flora
2016-05-25 Heeyong Song[widget-viewer-dali] Add the permission check
2016-05-25 Heeyong Song[widget-viewer-dali] Add WidgetViewer API
2016-05-19 Heeyong Song[widget-viewer-dali] Add widget event notification
2016-05-17 Heeyong Song[widget-viewer-dali] Add WidgetView::Show() and WidgetV...
2016-05-04 Heeyong Song[widget-viewer-dali] Set WAYLAND_DISPLAY variable in...
2016-04-28 Heeyong Song[widget-viewer-dali] Add WidgetView::CancelTouchEvent()
2016-04-26 Heeyong Song[widget-viewer-dali]
2016-04-01 Heeyong SongAdd widget_viewer_dali