2016-07-27 Agnelo VazAdding Visual namespace and Visual becomes Visual:... 65/81665/3
2016-07-27 Adeel KazmiMerge "Changes following dali-core patch "Wrapped Shade...
2016-07-27 Agnelo VazUpdating visual comments and code ontaining "renderer" 64/81664/3
2016-07-27 Ferran SoleChanges following dali-core patch "Wrapped ShaderHints... 63/81663/2
2016-07-26 Paul WisbeyMerge "Updating test-suite to match core" into devel...
2016-07-26 Richard HuangCopy visuals header files to the correct folder 98/81498/1
2016-07-25 Tom RobinsonUpdating test-suite to match core 66/81366/3
2016-07-25 Agnelo VazMoving visuals into new folder with same level as controls 68/81368/3
2016-07-25 Agnelo doc to use renamed images 62/81362/3
2016-07-25 Agnelo VazModel3D view to load textures after material changed. 41/81341/1
2016-07-25 Adeel KazmiMerge "Rename of Control Renderers to Visuals" into...
2016-07-25 Seoyeon KimAdd dali-modules image for doxygen 70/81270/1
2016-07-22 Agnelo VazRename of Control Renderers to Visuals 60/81060/11
2016-07-22 Adeel KazmiMerge "Tizen Directory Migration" into devel/master
2016-07-22 Adeel KazmiMerge "Added support for setting light position in...
2016-07-22 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.1.44" into devel/master
2016-07-22 Richard HuangDALi Version 1.1.44 04/81204/1 dali_1.1.44
2016-07-22 Andrew PoorAdded support for setting light position in mesh renderer. 68/79968/19
2016-07-22 Andrew PoorNormal-less objects now have their normals calculated... 25/77425/14
2016-07-22 Andrew PoorPrimitive sphere is now generated top-down, so that... 27/81027/6
2016-07-21 Xiangyin MaFix documentation in Control Renderers 58/72858/5
2016-07-21 Adeel KazmiMerge "accroding to ACR-520's review, dali's related...
2016-07-21 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fix for the cursor position with the arabic...
2016-07-21 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fix when updating the text's layout size." into...
2016-07-20 Andrew PoorImplemented a primitive shape renderer to display simpl... 95/72595/28
2016-07-20 David SteeleMerge "(Control Renderers) Change renderer type values...
2016-07-20 dongsug.songaccroding to ACR-520's review, dali's related feature... 30/80730/2
2016-07-19 Victor CebolladaFix when updating the text's layout size. 95/80695/1
2016-07-19 David SteeleFixed missing coverage in build system 77/80677/1
2016-07-19 Adeel Kazmi(Control Renderers) Change renderer type values to... 71/80671/2
2016-07-19 Victor CebolladaFix text selection on white spaces or new lines paragraphs. 56/80556/3
2016-07-18 Adeel KazmiChange enumeration values to uppercase for Mesh & Gradi... 35/80535/3
2016-07-18 minho.sunTizen Directory Migration 10/78110/2
2016-07-15 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fix for text's highlight box." into devel/master
2016-07-15 Paul WisbeyMerge "Text Renderer - Fix the actor hierarchy." into...
2016-07-15 David SteelePatch coverage tool 87/80287/1
2016-07-15 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fixing Button so shows unselected color when...
2016-07-15 David SteeleDALi Version 1.1.43 58/80258/1 dali_1.1.43
2016-07-15 Agnelo VazFixing Button so shows unselected color when set 28/80228/3
2016-07-15 Victor CebolladaFix for text's highlight box. 07/80107/2
2016-07-15 Victor CebolladaText Renderer - Fix the actor hierarchy. 70/80070/4
2016-07-14 Tom RobinsonMoved Core Rendering API from devel-api to public-api 46/79946/7
2016-07-14 Agnelo VazButton to use Color Renderer when setting (un)selected... 47/79547/4
2016-07-14 Adeel KazmiMerge "Adding Automated tests for text-controller.cpp...
2016-07-14 Agnelo VazAdding Automated tests for text-controller.cpp 00/80100/2
2016-07-14 Victor CebolladaVertical scrolling for text-editor. 84/72984/13
2016-07-14 Victor CebolladaFix for the cursor position with the arabic script. 58/80058/1
2016-07-14 Adeel KazmiMerge changes I555b7cf0,I1be28edf,I605de844,I87caee64...
2016-07-13 David Steele(Automated Tests) Increase coverage of ScrollBar 75/79975/1
2016-07-13 Agnelo VazLongpress Automated Tests for TextField 74/79974/1
2016-07-13 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Increase coverage of Buttons 73/79973/1
2016-07-13 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Increase coverage of Builder 72/79972/1
2016-07-13 Xiangyin Ma(Automated Tests) Increase coverage of ItemView 71/79971/1
2016-07-13 Adeel KazmiMerge "Remove Geometry::QUAD() usage in Toolkit" into...
2016-07-13 Victor CebolladaFix for cursor position. 23/79823/1
2016-07-12 Xiangyin MaRemove Geometry::QUAD() usage in Toolkit 54/79454/6
2016-07-12 Paul WisbeyMerge "Moved TextureSet::SetImage() to separate devel...
2016-07-11 Adeel Kazmi(V8 Plugin) Use new Touch API 42/79542/3
2016-07-11 Tom RobinsonMoved TextureSet::SetImage() to separate devel-api... 23/79523/2
2016-07-11 David SteeleMerge "(Automated Tests) Added Video view test to incre...
2016-07-11 Paul WisbeyMerge "Updated Gradient renderer to use SetTexture...
2016-07-11 Paul WisbeyMerge "Text decorator - It consumes tap, double tap...
2016-07-08 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Added Video view test to increase... 13/79213/1
2016-07-08 Adeel KazmiMerge "Adding a TextSelectionToolbar Utc test" into...
2016-07-08 David SteeleMerge "(Automated Tests) Added more coverage to Builder...
2016-07-08 Agnelo VazAdding a TextSelectionToolbar Utc test 12/79212/1
2016-07-08 David SteeleAdded test cases and removed dead code 22/79022/3
2016-07-08 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Added more coverage to Builder 10/79210/2
2016-07-08 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.1.42" into devel/master
2016-07-08 Agnelo VazDALi Version 1.1.42 01/79201/1 dali_1.1.42
2016-07-08 Victor CebolladaText decorator - It consumes tap, double tap and long... 89/78889/3
2016-07-08 Tom RobinsonUpdated Gradient renderer to use SetTexture 89/79189/1
2016-07-08 Paul WisbeyMerge "Changed Atlas manager to use Dali::Texture inste...
2016-07-08 Paul WisbeyMerge "Updated Model3dView control to use SetTexture...
2016-07-08 Ferran SoleChanged Atlas manager to use Dali::Texture instead... 05/78905/4
2016-07-08 Adeel KazmiMerge "(Automated Tests) Increase line coverage of...
2016-07-08 Paul WisbeyMerge "Replaced Image with Texture in cube transition...
2016-07-08 Agnelo VazRemoving unused internal button functions 21/79021/2
2016-07-07 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Increase line coverage of Builder 20/79020/1
2016-07-07 Agnelo VazAdding tests for checkbox 16/79016/1
2016-07-07 adam.bReplaced Image with Texture in cube transition effect... 49/78749/2
2016-07-07 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Fix bug in mesh-renderer which failed to render...
2016-07-06 Tom RobinsonUpdated Model3dView control to use SetTexture 54/78754/1
2016-07-06 Paul WisbeyMerge "Text - Stop destroying the text renderer when...
2016-07-06 Ferran SoleFix bug in mesh-renderer which failed to render using... 65/78665/3
2016-07-06 Seoyeon KimUpdate dali-toolkit-doc.h for new features 77/78677/1
2016-07-06 Adeel KazmiMerge "Cleaning up RendererFactory API" into devel...
2016-07-05 Victor CebolladaText - Stop destroying the text renderer when text... 50/78450/3
2016-07-05 Ferran SoleModifed mesh-renderer to use new texture API 36/77836/5
2016-07-04 David SteeleMerge "(Touch) Updated programming guide, Automated...
2016-07-04 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fix for text controller (IMF callback)." into...
2016-07-04 adam.bCleaning up RendererFactory API 16/75316/15
2016-07-04 Adeel Kazmi(Touch) Updated programming guide, Automated Tests... 25/78225/1
2016-07-04 Adeel Kazmi(Touch) Using new Touch API in all controls 90/78190/2
2016-07-01 Paul WisbeyMerge "DALi Version 1.1.41" into devel/master
2016-07-01 adam.bDALi Version 1.1.41 18/77918/1 dali_1.1.41
2016-07-01 Victor CebolladaFix for text controller (IMF callback). 24/76824/3
2016-06-30 Victor CebolladaStop setting a max fixed size for the emojis. 90/75990/6
2016-06-30 Adeel KazmiMerge "Updated test cases for increased coverage" into...
2016-06-29 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Changes following patch "Added support for compr...