6 days ago Adeel Kazmi[dali_2.2.19] Merge branch 'devel/master' 35/290435/1 master
6 days ago Adeel KazmiDALi Version 2.2.19 29/290429/1 dali_2.2.19
7 days ago Eunki HongMerge "Use Mipmap level to sample specular texture...
7 days ago Eunki HongMerge "Change scope of GlyphBufferData" into devel...
7 days ago Bowon RyuMerge "Add a condition to ensure FontClient" into devel...
7 days ago Eunki HongChange scope of GlyphBufferData 31/289931/5
8 days ago dongsug songMerge "Make sure that global variables are initialized...
9 days ago Bowon RyuAdd a condition to ensure FontClient 54/290154/2
9 days ago joogab yunMerge "Revert "Adjust text fit condition"" into devel...
10 days ago Eunki HongMerge "Let we can use emissiveFactor without Texture...
10 days ago Eunki, HongLet we can use emissiveFactor without Texture 57/289957/2
10 days ago Eunki, HongRemove unused header file - pixel-data-devel.h 40/290140/1
10 days ago huayong.xuMake sure that global variables are initialized lazily... 33/290133/2
10 days ago joogab.yunRevert "Adjust text fit condition" 30/290130/1
10 days ago Heeyong SongMerge "Remove svg task" into devel/master
10 days ago Heeyong SongRemove svg task 73/290073/1
10 days ago Wonsik JungMerge "remove logic for comparing clipped state." into...
11 days ago Bowon RyuAdd trace log to check text performance 20/289920/3
12 days ago seungho baekUse Mipmap level to sample specular texture 53/290053/6
12 days ago seungho baekRemove Duplicated code in gltf2-util using template 57/290057/2
13 days ago Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 2.2.18" into devel/master
13 days ago David Steele[dali_2.2.18] Merge branch 'devel/master' 45/290045/1
13 days ago David SteeleDALi Version 2.2.18 39/290039/1 dali_2.2.18
13 days ago dongsug songMerge "Fix heap-buffer-overflow & use-after-free issue...
2023-03-16 Eunki HongMerge "Minor optimize for Text (Add API for length...
2023-03-15 joogab.yunWhen TextFit operates, it operates based on the initial... 10/289710/4
2023-03-15 Eunki, HongMinor optimize for Text (Add API for length of text... 40/289840/6
2023-03-15 huayong.xuFix heap-buffer-overflow & use-after-free issue. 30/289230/12
2023-03-14 Eunki, HongIgnore non-exist property reanimated 80/289780/1
2023-03-13 seungho baekChange namings of gltf-util 67/289667/1
2023-03-10 Adeel KazmiMerge "Coverity issue fixes" into devel/master
2023-03-10 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 2.2.17" into devel/master
2023-03-10 Adeel Kazmi[dali_2.2.17] Merge branch 'devel/master' 25/289625/1
2023-03-10 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 2.2.17 19/289619/1 dali_2.2.17
2023-03-10 Hosang Kimremove logic for comparing clipped state. 91/289591/1
2023-03-10 Bowon RyuMerge "Fix text autoscroll issue" into devel/master
2023-03-09 Adam BialogonskiCoverity issue fixes 39/289539/5
2023-03-09 Bowon RyuFix text autoscroll issue 41/289541/1
2023-03-09 Eunki, HongDetermine priority type for each task 43/289443/5
2023-03-09 Eunki HongMerge "Remove useless uniform register" into devel...
2023-03-08 seungho baekMake safe conversion from uint32_t to streamsize 65/289465/1
2023-03-07 Eunki, HongRemove useless uniform register 36/289436/2
2023-03-07 Eunki, HongClean up Scene3D namespace and header definition 32/289432/3
2023-03-07 Adeel KazmiMerge changes I048d8903,Ib84dd28c into devel/master
2023-03-07 seungho baekAdd glb-loader to load gltf2-binary 71/288871/20
2023-03-07 seungho baekAdd model-loader to abstract gltf2-loader and dli-loader 07/288607/30
2023-03-07 Eunki, HongGet NaturalSize only if required 93/289393/2
2023-03-03 Adeel KazmiMerge "Enable automated tests that load the exercise...
2023-03-03 Adam Bialogonski[dali_2.2.16] Merge branch 'devel/master' 71/289271/1
2023-03-03 Adam BialogonskiDALi Version 2.2.16 65/289265/1 dali_2.2.16
2023-03-02 RichardEnable automated tests that load the exercise DLI model 03/289203/1
2023-03-02 Eunki HongMake multiple roots model share the resources. 01/289101/2
2023-03-01 huayong.xuMake sure that global variables are initialized lazily... 02/289102/1
2023-02-28 RichardCache manager for 3D models 98/287698/18
2023-02-27 David SteeleMerge "Allow to load uint32_t as indices" into devel...
2023-02-24 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 2.2.15" into devel/master
2023-02-24 Richard Huang[dali_2.2.15] Merge branch 'devel/master' 29/288929/1
2023-02-24 Richard HuangDALi Version 2.2.15 23/288923/1 dali_2.2.15
2023-02-24 Eunki HongMerge "Generate Camera from loaded model" into devel...
2023-02-24 Eunki HongAllow to load uint32_t as indices 37/288537/11
2023-02-24 Eunki HongGenerate Camera from loaded model 30/288530/9
2023-02-24 Bowon RyuMerge "Fix space font validation condition" into devel...
2023-02-24 joogab.yunFix space font validation condition 20/288820/7
2023-02-22 Seungho BAEKMerge "Refactoring model-impl.cpp" into devel/master
2023-02-21 joogab yunMerge "When setting a focus actor, we log the current...
2023-02-21 joogab.yunWhen setting a focus actor, we log the current focused... 48/288648/2
2023-02-21 Eunki HongRemove useless warning message for initialized window 65/288365/2
2023-02-20 David SteeleMerge "Replace std::string global variables with C...
2023-02-20 David SteeleMerge "Make sure that global variables are initialized...
2023-02-20 seungho baekRefactoring model-impl.cpp 85/288585/5
2023-02-20 Bowon RyuFix multiline text size issue in label 81/288581/4
2023-02-20 huayong.xuMake sure that global variables are initialized lazily. 84/288284/14
2023-02-20 Eunki HongMerge "Make SceneView's default camera is 3D camera...
2023-02-20 Eunki HongMerge "Reduce decoding time of embedded gltf + Fix...
2023-02-20 Eunki HongMerge "Generate tangent as Vector4 for gltf" into devel...
2023-02-20 Eunki HongMerge "Fix gltf animation's 0 frame behavior." into...
2023-02-18 Eunki HongGenerate tangent as Vector4 for gltf 73/287173/11
2023-02-17 David Steele[dali_2.2.14] Merge branch 'devel/master' 25/288525/1
2023-02-17 David SteeleDALi Version 2.2.14 19/288519/1 dali_2.2.14
2023-02-17 Eunki, HongMake SceneView's default camera is 3D camera 90/288490/2
2023-02-17 Eunki, HongReduce decoding time of embedded gltf + Fix base64... 35/287635/7
2023-02-17 huayong.xuReplace std::string global variables with C-style string. 36/288336/2
2023-02-16 Eunki, HongFix gltf animation's 0 frame behavior. 22/288422/2
2023-02-15 Bowon RyuMerge "Fix the valid condition of text update" into...
2023-02-15 Bowon RyuFix the valid condition of text update 32/288332/5
2023-02-15 Adeel KazmiMerge "Add PathFinder algorithm using SPFA" into devel...
2023-02-10 Adeel Kazmi[dali_2.2.13] Merge branch 'devel/master' 39/288139/1
2023-02-10 Adeel KazmiDALi Version 2.2.13 33/288133/1 dali_2.2.13
2023-02-07 Eunki, HongFix svace issue (uint32_t to long or std::streamsize) 25/287825/2
2023-02-04 Eunki HongAdd PathFinder algorithm using SPFA 22/287422/7
2023-02-03 Adam Bialogonski[dali_2.2.12] Merge branch 'devel/master' 59/287759/1
2023-02-03 Adam BialogonskiDALi Version 2.2.12 53/287753/1 dali_2.2.12
2023-02-01 Adeel KazmiFixed SVACE issue in gltf2-loader 24/287624/1
2023-01-31 Eunki, HongMake API to set MultiSampling level for SceneView 57/287357/5
2023-01-31 Seungho BAEKMerge "Support embedded texture data for glTF + alpha...
2023-01-30 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Ensure we kill off any sleeping dbus... 74/287474/1
2023-01-30 Eunki HongMerge "Remove useless warning message when multiline...
2023-01-30 Eunki HongMerge "Doxygen check version and block low version...
2023-01-30 Eunki HongMerge "Cleanup .gitignore file" into devel/master
2023-01-29 seungho baekSupport embedded texture data for glTF + alpha 36/286936/22