Updated patch coverage script.
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2020-12-08 joogab yunMerge "add Padding parameter at RendererParameters...
2020-12-06 Heeyong SongAdd AnimatedVectorImageVisual property 66/248766/2
2020-12-04 Adeel KazmiMerge "Further refactoring of text-controller-impl...
2020-12-03 Adeel KazmiFurther refactoring of text-controller-impl 53/248853/4
2020-12-03 Adeel KazmiMerge "(TextController) Refactored out Text updating...
2020-12-02 Adeel Kazmi(TextController) Refactored out Text updating methods... 52/248852/3
2020-12-01 Adeel Kazmi(Text Controller) Moved ShowPlaceholder method into... 08/248708/2
2020-12-01 David SteeleMerge "Added TextController Relayouter class to handle...
2020-12-01 Adeel KazmiAdded TextController Relayouter class to handle relayouting 87/246987/7
2020-12-01 David SteeleMerge "Do not change BlendMode by following whether...
2020-11-30 Heeyong SongFix Coverity issue 67/248567/2
2020-11-30 Seungho BaekDo not change BlendMode by following whether advanced... 28/248328/5
2020-11-27 Adeel KazmiMerge "(Automated Tests) Ensure we pick up all the...
2020-11-26 Adeel KazmiReduced Cyclomatic Complexity of ProcessMarkupString... 54/248354/5
2020-11-25 David SteeleMerge "Make do not caching pixelBuffer in texture-manag...
2020-11-24 seunghoMake do not caching pixelBuffer in texture-manager. 94/247194/11
2020-11-19 joogab yunMerge "[dali-toolkit] TextEditor/TextField add PrimaryC...
2020-11-18 Heeyong SongStop observing visuals when a control is destroyed 38/247238/3
2020-11-18 Heeyong SongMerge "Remove blend mode change when mixColor is change...
2020-11-17 Wander Lairson Costa[windows] Use unsigned for enums used as bitfields 36/246136/3
2020-11-17 Heeyong SongRemove blend mode change when mixColor is changed 65/247765/2
2020-11-11 ali198724[dali-toolkit] TextEditor/TextField add PrimaryCursorPo... 40/246740/3
2020-11-11 HyunJu ShinMerge "added FONT_SIZE_SCALE("fontSizeScale") DevelProp...
2020-11-11 Seungho BAEKMerge "Blend Equation Advanced Supporting" into devel...
2020-11-10 Heeyong SongMerge "Fix a texture manager crash" into devel/master
2020-11-10 David SteeleMerge "refactor Dictionary class." into devel/master
2020-11-10 Heeyong SongFix a texture manager crash 63/246063/7
2020-11-09 Subhransu Mohantyrefactor Dictionary class. 22/242922/9
2020-11-04 Youngbok Shinadded FONT_SIZE_SCALE("fontSizeScale") DevelProperty... 54/244254/12
2020-11-04 Adeel KazmiMerge "Improve asynchronous SVG loading performance...
2020-10-30 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 1.9.36" into devel/master
2020-10-30 David SteeleMerge changes I2df640e0,Ia1188305,I7fae506e,I7967a7cc...
2020-10-30 joogab yunMerge "[dali-toolkit]: add texteditor scrolling functio...
2020-10-30 Seungho, BaekBlend Equation Advanced Supporting 20/225320/33
2020-10-29 David SteeleEnsure AnimatedVectorImageVisual doesn't hang app 62/246462/1
2020-10-29 huiyu.eunImprove asynchronous SVG loading performance 58/246158/11
2020-10-29 joogab yunMerge "Dali-Text: Keyboard Shortcut (language layout...
2020-10-28 ali198724[dali-toolkit]: add texteditor scrolling functionality 73/245873/9
2020-10-24 Ali AlzyodDali-Text: Keyboard Shortcut (language layout independent) 39/244639/9
2020-10-23 Bartlomiej Grzelewski[AT-SPI] Correct VISIBLE and SHOWING states 45/246045/2
2020-10-23 Maria Bialota[AT-SPI] Fixed uint underflow risk 59/245359/10
2020-10-23 Lukasz Oleksak[AT-SPI] Guard added for potential null pointer dereference 48/245348/9
2020-10-23 Maria Bialota[AT-SPI] Implemented reading popup description 09/244909/14
2020-10-23 Lukasz Oleksak[AT-SPI] Improving utc coverage 78/245078/22
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Implement accessibility for Popup 28/244828/14
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Add notification for a11y name/description... 76/244476/25
2020-10-23 Kamil Konieczny[AT-SPI] TextController: emit characters before delete 24/244724/20
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] EmitStateChanged for togglable PushButton 30/244630/19
2020-10-23 Kamil Konieczny[AT-SPI] Add FOCUSABLE state to TextField and TextEditor 72/244472/19
2020-10-23 Bartlomiej Grzelewski[AT-SPI] Add Pause and Resume signals 55/244455/19
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Let MarkFilter find the closest mark 55/244355/21
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Emit ObjectPropertyChangeEvent::VALUE 39/244339/21
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Implement proper accessibility for Slider 76/244276/21
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Try auto-scrolling in GrabHighlight 66/243866/22
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Override IsScrollable for Scrollable 65/243865/21
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Support reading states and tooltips of ToggleB... 62/243862/21
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Support gaining keyboard focus in TextField... 30/243630/21
2020-10-23 Maria Bialota[AT-SPI] Move setting highlightability property for... 47/239447/39
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Make Accessible::GetName() fall back to actor... 52/243152/23
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Fix role setting 60/241160/36
2020-10-23 Artur Świgoń[AT-SPI] Squashed implementation 93/206393/67
2020-10-22 Adeel KazmiMerge "(Text Controller Impl) Moved event handling...
2020-10-22 Adeel Kazmi(Text Controller Impl) Moved event handling related... 51/245751/5
2020-10-21 Adeel KazmiReduce Cyclomatic Complexity of some methods in text... 52/245852/6
2020-10-21 Adeel KazmiMerge "dali-toolkit: update text selection UI handles...
2020-10-20 Heeyong SongEnsure not to emit the resource ready signal during... 54/245354/4
2020-10-18 Ali Alzyoddali-toolkit: update text selection UI handles with... 09/245709/2
2020-10-14 Adeel Kazmi(Text Controller) Moved event handling, InputFont ... 21/245221/4
2020-10-13 Adeel KazmiMerge "Text selection refactoring" into devel/master
2020-10-12 ali198724Text selection refactoring 77/244477/13
2020-10-12 joogab yunMerge "Dali-toolkit: Text controls crash fix" into...
2020-10-08 joogab yunMerge "Fix documentation for Text::EditableControlInter...
2020-10-07 ali198724Dali-toolkit: Text controls crash fix 50/245350/1
2020-10-07 Heeyong SongMerge "Refactor SvgVisual" into devel/master
2020-10-06 Heeyong SongRefactor SvgVisual 28/244728/6
2020-10-06 Adeel KazmiMerge "use string_view to avoid temporary string alloca...
2020-09-30 Adeel Kazmi(JSON Parser State) Reduce Cyclomatic Complexity of... 70/245070/4
2020-09-29 Adeel KazmiMerge "Const correctness improvements for Property...
2020-09-29 Joogab YunThere is no need to call mOverlayRenderer's AddRenderer... 19/245019/1
2020-09-28 Adeel KazmiMerge "Text Editing (enable) property in text controls...
2020-09-28 György StraubConst correctness improvements for Property::Value. 75/244975/2
2020-09-25 ali198724Text Editing (enable) property in text controls 60/243760/14
2020-09-23 sunghyun kimMerge "Change the precision of size and uSize from...
2020-09-22 Adeel KazmiMerge "Make MeasureCallback signature .NET friendly...
2020-09-22 JunsuChoiSvgVisual: Using VectorImageRenderer 73/240173/36
2020-09-21 Adeel KazmiMerge "Reduce Cyclomatic Complexity of Text classes...
2020-09-21 Sunghyun KimChange the precision of size and uSize from mediumP... 43/243243/5
2020-09-18 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 1.9.30" into devel/master
2020-09-18 David Steele[dali_1.9.30] Merge branch 'devel/master' 46/244446/1
2020-09-18 joogab yunMerge "Add null check for mTextureSet. For empty text...
2020-09-17 Adeel KazmiReduce Cyclomatic Complexity of Text classes 71/244371/2
2020-09-17 Adeel KazmiMerge "Updated ImageVisual to handle native texture...
2020-09-17 Adeel KazmiMerge "Text selection refactoring" into devel/master
2020-09-16 Joogab YunAdd null check for mTextureSet. 22/244222/1
2020-09-14 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fix VideoView test case" into devel/master
2020-09-11 David SteeleUpdated ImageVisual to handle native texture sampler 83/243983/1
2020-09-11 Adeel KazmiMerge "Dali-Text: Keyboard Shortcuts" into devel/master
2020-09-11 aliDali-Text: Keyboard Shortcuts 28/242728/5
2020-09-11 David SteeleMerge "DALi Version 1.9.29" into devel/master
2020-09-11 adam.b[dali_1.9.29] Merge branch 'devel/master' 72/243972/1