[dali_1.9.30] Merge branch 'devel/master'
[platform/core/uifw/dali-toolkit.git] / dali-toolkit / internal / visuals / text /
2020-09-04 Richard Huang[dali_1.9.28] Merge branch 'devel/master' 83/243283/1
2020-08-28 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.9.27" into devel/master
2020-08-28 joogab yunMerge "When matchSystemLanguageDirection is set, it...
2020-08-27 Joogab YunWhen matchSystemLanguageDirection is set, it should... 42/242242/15
2020-08-07 David Steele[dali_1.9.24] Merge branch 'devel/master' 78/240578/1
2020-08-07 Seoyeon KimMerge "Add a TextEditor property to limit input to...
2020-08-05 joogab yunMerge "add minLineSize at text-utils-devel" into devel...
2020-08-04 Richard HuangRename OnStage signals and related internal changes 16/240216/2
2020-07-03 Victor Cebollada[dali_1.9.19] Merge branch 'devel/master' 70/237770/1
2020-06-30 Adeel KazmiFixed SVACE error in TextVisual 74/237474/2
2020-06-19 greynaga[dali_1.9.17] Merge branch 'devel/master' 09/236709/1
2020-06-16 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fix logging for debug build." into devel/master
2020-06-16 Víctor CebolladaMerge "Update cursor position when the default font...
2020-06-16 Heeyong SongMerge "(Vector) Fix memory leak" into devel/master
2020-06-16 Jiyun YangAdd VisualBase::GetType() 36/235736/10
2020-05-01 György Straub[dali_1.9.10] Merge branch 'devel/master' 52/232352/1
2020-04-24 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.9.9" into devel/master
2020-04-24 Joogab Yuntext tiling 78/230578/38
2020-02-27 Seoyeon KimMerge "Update UTF8 text array for 5 and 6 bytes" into...
2020-02-21 Cheng-Shiun Tsai[dali_1.9.0] Merge branch 'devel/master' 58/225658/1
2020-02-19 huiyu.eunMove constants string to visual-string-constants file 15/225315/4
2019-05-02 Anton Obzhirov[dali_1.4.18] Merge branch 'devel/master' 39/205339/1
2019-04-29 Adeel KazmiMerge "Ensure we do not export Internal::Control::Impl...
2019-04-29 Heeyong SongChange matrix in shaders 38/204638/2
2019-02-01 Adeel Kazmi[dali_1.4.5] Merge branch 'devel/master' 84/199084/1
2019-01-29 Heeyong SongMerge "(AnimatedVectorImageVisual) Change renderer...
2019-01-25 Adeel KazmiFixed some errors reported by Clang 56/198456/2
2018-10-12 David Steele[dali_1.3.45] Merge branch 'devel/master' 14/191214/1
2018-10-08 Adeel KazmiMerge "Change LayoutItem::SetParent to set LayoutItem...
2018-10-08 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fixed SVACE error in WebView" into devel/master
2018-10-07 Joogab Yunsupport match align for system language direciton 60/189860/21
2018-07-20 Angelos Gkountis[dali_1.3.33] Merge branch 'devel/master' 31/184731/1
2018-07-18 Heeyong SongFix text opacity issue 09/184409/1
2018-07-17 Heeyong SongFix text color issue 93/183793/4
2018-06-01 David Steele[dali_1.3.27] Merge branch 'devel/master' 44/180744/1
2018-05-29 Adeel KazmiFix DALI_DEBUG_RENDERING crash 83/166083/5
2018-03-29 György Straub[dali_1.3.18] Merge branch 'devel/master' 82/174282/1
2018-03-27 Heeyong SongMerge "supports remote URL gif image" into devel/master
2018-03-26 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fix Coverity issues" into devel/master
2018-03-26 Heeyong SongMake alpha value pre-multiplied in all text cases 90/172790/5
2018-03-26 Heeyong SongMerge "Change the fitting mode to FILL" into devel...
2018-03-23 Umar[dali_1.3.17] Merge branch 'devel/master' 46/173746/1
2018-03-22 Heeyong SongMerge "Replace visual opacity with Renderer's opacity...
2018-03-16 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.3.16" into devel/master
2018-03-16 HyunJu ShinMerge "Update text layout utcs" into devel/master
2018-03-15 minho.sunRemove atlas calculation from text-visual shader 34/171934/5
2018-03-13 Heeyong SongReplace visual opacity with Renderer's opacity 91/170491/7
2018-02-28 HyunJu ShinMerge "Revert "Added tag for capture privilege"" into...
2018-02-23 Agnelo Vaz[dali_1.3.13] Merge branch 'devel/master' 68/170968/1
2018-02-16 Adeel KazmiMerge "Text background support for TextLabel" into...
2018-02-16 Richard HuangText background support for TextLabel 03/168603/7
2018-02-16 Adeel KazmiMerge "Stop caching fonts for unknown text script"...
2018-02-12 Richard HuangStop caching fonts for unknown text script 29/169729/3
2018-01-19 Victor Cebollada[dali_1.3.8] Merge branch 'devel/master' 04/167704/1
2018-01-17 Heeyong SongMerge "Don't count '\r' in text-field" into devel/master
2018-01-12 Francisco SantosKeep aspect ratio of visual in ImageView 06/164006/13
2018-01-12 greynaga[dali_1.3.7] Merge branch 'devel/master' 66/166966/1
2018-01-11 Heeyong SongDon't render text visual if the string is empty 22/165222/4
2018-01-05 Richard HuangFix the issue of disappeared text in Transitions example 78/166078/1
2018-01-05 Richard Huang[dali_1.3.6] Merge branch 'devel/master' 73/166073/1
2018-01-04 Adeel KazmiMerge "Added automatic premultiplication of image visua...
2018-01-04 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fix text scrolling bug" into devel/master
2018-01-03 Richard HuangReduce memory consumption of TextLabel by reducing... 38/164338/12
2017-12-22 Adeel KazmiMerge "Disable pixel alignment while scrolling the...
2017-12-22 Adeel KazmiMerge "Add the protected code and fix the crash issue...
2017-12-22 György Straub[dali_1.3.5] Merge branch 'devel/master' 45/165045/1
2017-12-21 Adeel KazmiMerge "Move Some Devel Properties & APIs to the Public...
2017-12-21 adam.bLine spacing for TextLabel and vertical line alignment... 86/162386/28
2017-12-19 HyunJu ShinMerge "Add ENABLE_SHIFT_SELECTION property" into devel...
2017-12-15 Francisco Santos[dali_1.3.4] Merge branch 'devel/master' 39/164139/1
2017-12-14 Richard HuangAdd outline property to text visual 56/163856/7
2017-11-03 György Straub[dali_1.2.64] Merge branch 'devel/master' 67/158867/1
2017-11-02 UmarAdded a pblic Control Devel API GetVisualResourceStatus. 26/141026/17
2017-10-27 Umar[dali_1.2.63] Merge branch 'devel/master' 54/158054/1
2017-10-26 Adeel KazmiMerge "ImageVisual API for Orientation Correction"...
2017-10-26 Richard HuangFix the text visual shaders to work with pre-multiplied... 78/157678/3
2017-10-20 Richard Huang[dali_1.2.62] Merge branch 'devel/master' 07/156907/1
2017-10-19 Jinho, LeeMerge "Fixed a problem where text size exceeds maximum...
2017-10-17 Seoyeon KimMerge "Add MARGIN and PADDING property in Control"...
2017-10-16 Adeel KazmiMerge "Fix the text artifact (i.e. vertical lines below...
2017-10-13 Richard HuangFix the text visual shader which makes text lighter... 84/155584/3
2017-10-13 greynaga[dali_1.2.61] Merge branch 'devel/master' 69/155569/1
2017-10-11 Heeyong SongEnable premultiplied alpha in text visual 38/154638/2
2017-10-06 Adeel Kazmi[dali_1.2.60] Merge branch 'devel/master' 39/154139/1
2017-10-06 Adeel KazmiAdded enumerations for LineWrap::Mode 84/154084/5
2017-10-05 Agnelo VazText Alignment Enums now public 97/153897/12
2017-10-03 Agnelo VazVisuals devel API migrated to public 18/153818/9
2017-09-29 Adeel KazmiMerge "Changes required after WeakHandle moved to Publi...
2017-09-29 Adeel KazmiMerge "Ensured that style array is cleared when Builder...
2017-09-29 Francisco Santos[dali_1.2.59] Merge branch 'devel/master' 91/153791/1
2017-09-28 Adeel KazmiChanges required after WeakHandle moved to Public API... 32/153532/2
2017-09-28 Richard HuangReduce memory consumption for text visual with styles... 02/150802/9
2017-09-26 minho.sunMerge "Move json files when only uninstalling rpm....
2017-09-25 HyunJu ShinMerge "Add Placeholder Ellipsis in TextField" into...
2017-09-22 David Steele[dali_1.2.58] Merge branch 'devel/master' 84/151984/1
2017-09-21 Adeel KazmiMerge "Remove the unused-variable gLogFilter in interna...
2017-09-20 Agnelo VazTextVisual Outline support 58/151358/3
2017-09-18 Adeel KazmiMerge "Do not clear keyboard focus on touch when always...
2017-09-15 David SteeleMerge "Added devel APIs to add and remove external...
2017-09-15 David SteeleMerge "Revert "Revert TextVisual in TextLabel Patches...