(TET) Added new TET cases for TextInput and fixed some failing ones.
[platform/core/uifw/dali-toolkit.git] / capi /
2014-03-07 Adeel Kazmi(ControlImpl) Updated following PropertyRegistration... 07/17707/1
2014-03-05 Adeel Kazmi(Button/PushButton) Registering properties using the... 28/17228/1
2014-03-03 Adeel KazmiControls no longer have property names.
2014-03-03 Julien Heanley(ScrollComponent) Removing unneeded public-api versions...
2014-03-03 Agnelo Vaz(TextInput) Removing deprecated Margin and Handle flip API
2014-03-03 Paul Wisbey[SRUK] Initial copy from Tizen 2.2 version