(TextInput) Ensure scroll position is reset when text is deleted
[platform/core/uifw/dali-toolkit.git] / base / dali-toolkit / public-api / controls /
2014-10-01 Paul WisbeyMerge "TextView - Do not create TextActor with white...
2014-10-01 Adeel KazmiMerge "(Animation) Updates following DestroyAction...
2014-09-30 Adeel Kazmi(Animation) Updates following DestroyAction removal... 09/28209/1
2014-09-25 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.0.10" into tizen
2014-09-25 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Make radio buttons work with size negotiation...
2014-09-24 Kingsley StephensMake radio buttons work with size negotiation, bug... 44/27344/5
2014-09-22 Adeel Kazmi(Control) Ensure background-color blends fully with... 11/27811/3
2014-09-16 Victor CebolladaTextView - Rename Line to Paragraph. 62/27462/3
2014-09-15 Adeel KazmiMerge "Remove deprecated SetRemoveTime API" into tizen accepted/tizen/common/20140916.140256 submit/tizen_common/20140916.094545
2014-09-15 Paul WisbeyRemove deprecated SetRemoveTime API 36/27536/2
2014-09-11 Victor CebolladaTextView - Remove groups of words. 82/27282/4
2014-09-10 Adeel KazmiMerge "(TextInput) Emits text modified signal when... submit/tizen/20140910.172931 submit/tizen/20140910.173014
2014-09-09 Michal MakowieckiAdded RadioButton with images. 40/26140/21
2014-09-09 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Allow configurable duration to show or hide...
2014-09-09 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "(Builder) Added Quit Signal" into tizen
2014-09-08 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fixes TextView's includes." into tizen
2014-09-08 Victor CebolladaFixes TextView's includes. 47/27247/1
2014-09-08 Richard HuangAllow configurable duration to show or hide scroll... 81/26581/4
2014-09-03 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Added actor creation from json snippet" into...
2014-09-02 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Fix assetion error in FocusManager" into tizen
2014-08-29 Paul WisbeyMerge "Updated test suite following platform abstractio...
2014-08-28 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Uses TextArray new type definition." into tizen
2014-08-28 Adeel KazmiMerge "Remove unnecessary method from control-impl...
2014-08-28 Kimmo HoikkaMerge changes Ica8d7442,I39b8ad54 into tizen
2014-08-28 Adeel Kazmi(ScrollViewTwistEffect) Added getters for some of the... 51/26151/3
2014-08-28 Adeel Kazmi(Control) Can connect to gestures through scripting 75/26775/2
2014-08-28 Kimmo HoikkaRemove unnecessary method from control-impl 59/26759/1
2014-08-22 Adeel KazmiFixes to use latest version of doxygen 02/26402/2
2014-08-13 Adeel KazmiMerge "Implemented the Handle assignment operators...
2014-08-12 Adeel KazmiMerge "Removed invalid handle assignments from Builder...
2014-08-08 Adeel KazmiRemove Deprecated APIs 15/25715/1
2014-07-25 Adeel KazmiMerge "Toolkit - Fixes TC build issues and compile...
2014-07-25 Kingsley StephensRemove CAPI from Toolkit 31/25031/3
2014-07-24 Paul WisbeyMerge "TextView - Uses new TextActor's constructor...
2014-07-24 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "TableView - scripting support" into tizen
2014-07-21 Xiangyin MaTableView - scripting support 45/24345/10
2014-07-15 Richard HuangMove the logic of constraint application from ItemView... 89/24489/1
2014-07-08 Julien HeanleyScrollView - Remove separate X and Y scroll properties... 01/24201/1
2014-07-08 Julien HeanleyScrollView - Fix wrapping issue in FixedRuler::GetPageF... 98/24198/1
2014-07-08 Adeel Kazmi(ScrollView) Removed unnecessary scale constraints... 97/24197/1
2014-07-08 Adeel Kazmi(ScrollView) Remove redundant scaling & rotation functi... 96/24196/1
2014-07-08 Julien HeanleyScrollView - Added APIs for minimum pan speed/distance... 95/24195/1
2014-07-08 Richard HuangPrevent fighting of setting scroll position property... 90/24190/1
2014-07-08 Xiangyin MaNew Bouncing Effect 82/24182/1
2014-07-08 Richard HuangAllow configurable speed factor when ItemView is being... 81/24181/1
2014-07-08 Victor CebolladaOptimization to reduce Handle size by 50% 79/24179/1
2014-07-08 Richard HuangNew API to get the range of items in the current ItemVi... 77/24177/1
2014-07-08 Kimmo Hoikkasize optimization on Control::Impl, reduces size from... 76/24176/1
2014-07-08 Xiangyin MaAdd color lookup into Builder & apply changeable color... 69/24169/1
2014-07-08 Jonghyun HoRevert "ScrollView - Store properties in local values... 66/24166/1
2014-07-08 Kimmo HoikkaReducing control size from 256 bytes to 224 by reorderi... 65/24165/1
2014-07-08 Kimmo HoikkaOptimized size negotiation 62/24162/1
2014-07-08 Julien HeanleyScrollView - Store properties in local values for GetCu... 61/24161/1
2014-07-08 Kimmo HoikkaFix activate action on Control 59/24159/1
2014-07-08 Julien HeanleyScrollView - Stop Timer running in homescreen idle... 55/24155/1
2014-06-11 Julien Heanley(ScrollView) Updates to scroll view internals to improv...
2014-06-11 TaeyoonConversion to Apache 2.0 license
2014-06-11 Kingsley Stephens(StyleManager) Add style monitor signal into StyleManager
2014-06-11 Adeel KazmiRevert "Revert "[SRUK] (StyleManager) Create a style...
2014-06-11 Francisco SantosAdd new API to ScrollBar to set background and indicato...
2014-06-11 Sinjae Lee(FocusManager) Updated Accessibility features (Part2)
2014-06-11 Francisco SantosFix boost includes
2014-06-11 Adeel KazmiRevert "[SRUK] (StyleManager) Create a style manager"
2014-06-11 Kingsley Stephens(StyleManager) Create a style manager
2014-06-11 Adeel KazmiMerge branch 'master' into tizen
2014-06-11 Adeel KazmiRevert "License conversion from Flora to Apache 2.0" 49/22749/1
2014-05-27 Victor CebolladaTextView - Update programming guide. dali-2014-wk21-release
2014-05-27 Agnelo VazTextInput Emit signal when text is modified.
2014-05-27 Adeel KazmiMoved ControlImpl to Internal namespace & renamed to...
2014-05-27 Richard HuangAdded new API to set fixed height for the scroll bar
2014-05-27 Kingsley Stephens(Button) Allow button size to return natural size
2014-05-27 Adeel Kazmi(Control) Added more event-side properties
2014-05-22 TaeyoonLicense conversion from Flora to Apache 2.0 02/21502/3 submit/tizen/20140526.004929
2014-05-15 jonghyun.hoAdd scroll-bar and scroll-component header files.
2014-05-15 Ferran SoleConfigurable anchor point and parent origin of the...
2014-05-03 Paul WisbeySplit dali-toolkit into Base & Optional