Merge "Updated comment to remove copy+paste error." into devel/master
[platform/core/uifw/dali-toolkit.git] / automated-tests /
2016-06-28 Adeel KazmiMerge "Updated comment to remove copy+paste error....
2016-06-23 David SteeleAddition of new test cases 03/76403/2
2016-06-22 Andrew PoorImplemented a mesh renderer to display 3D objects from... 91/72591/22
2016-06-22 Adeel KazmiPut third party source files in separate folder & exclu... 38/76038/1
2016-06-20 David SteeleRe-added test files to build and fixed failing tests 93/75593/2
2016-06-17 Victor CebolladaFix for multi-language support. 12/74712/2
2016-06-17 Paul WisbeyMerge "Corrected popup position in text decorator when...
2016-06-17 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "(Automated Tests) Synchronised common files...
2016-06-17 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Synchronised common files with Core 18/75318/1
2016-06-16 Adeel KazmiChanges after touch changes to Core 36/75136/2
2016-06-16 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fixed bug in model3d-view control" into devel...
2016-06-16 taeyoonMerge "Add video view control" into devel/master
2016-06-15 Seoyeon KimMoved Slider to the public API 25/70925/12
2016-06-15 taeyoonAdd video view control 91/63891/14
2016-06-13 David SteeleMerge "(Builder) Set property without checking property...
2016-06-13 Paul WisbeyMerge "Removed GetRenderHasRendered() test from the...
2016-06-09 adam.bRemoved GetRenderHasRendered() test from the toolkit... 50/73850/1
2016-06-03 Xiangyin MaRemove ImageActor from comments and variable names 59/72359/4
2016-06-03 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Updates following the PixelData change" into...
2016-06-02 Xiangyin MaUpdates following the PixelData change 07/71707/4
2016-06-02 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fix for object loader not handling flags correct...
2016-06-02 Seoyeon KimMerge "Prevention for being assigned NULL value" into...
2016-06-01 Paul WisbeyMerge "APIs for text editor." into devel/master
2016-05-31 Victor CebolladaAPIs for text editor. 03/66603/9
2016-05-31 Victor CebolladaMulti-line text. Cursor hit and cursor's position. 29/71929/4
2016-05-27 Paul WisbeyMerge "Bidirectional conversion table for multiline...
2016-05-27 David SteeleMerge "Obj Loader to use Dali::Vector" into devel/master
2016-05-27 Victor CebolladaBidirectional conversion table for multiline. 32/71832/3
2016-05-26 Paul WisbeyMerge "Added ScrollBar Indicator minimum size and paddi...
2016-05-26 Xiangyin MaImageRenderer provides property to indicate async/sync... 33/70533/7
2016-05-20 Adeel KazmiMerge "Type registry helper: Toolkit change to correct...
2016-05-20 Richard HuangAdd child property registration for TableView 96/70796/2
2016-05-20 Tom RobinsonType registry helper: Toolkit change to correct Program... 96/69996/9
2016-05-19 Adeel KazmiMerge "Make FlexContainer as public API" into devel...
2016-05-19 Richard HuangMake FlexContainer as public API 60/68960/5
2016-05-17 Adeel KazmiMerge "Add CreatePropertyBuffer() back to test utils...
2016-05-16 Xiangyin MaAdd CreatePropertyBuffer() back to test utils 77/69777/1
2016-05-16 Adeel KazmiUpdates following vector-wrapper include changes in... 56/69756/3
2016-05-13 Xiangyin MaUse Geometry::QUAD() in toolkit 38/69338/2
2016-05-13 Adeel KazmiMerge "Auto Scrolling Text Label" into devel/master
2016-05-13 Agnelo VazAuto Scrolling Text Label 96/57796/43
2016-05-06 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.1.33" into devel/master
2016-05-05 Adeel Kazmi(Automated Tests) Platform Abstraction now handles... 52/68552/1
2016-05-04 Paul WisbeyBlending enum clean-up 06/67006/13
2016-05-03 Victor CebolladaTextModel - Remove the visual to logical conversion... 12/67812/5
2016-04-29 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Fixed bug in SetIndexBuffer for v8 plugin" into...
2016-04-28 David SteeleMerge "(ImageView) Partially Restore Tizen 2.4 GetImage...
2016-04-28 Adeel Kazmi(ImageView) Partially Restore Tizen 2.4 GetImage()... 30/67630/3
2016-04-28 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Moved StyleManager to the public API" into devel...
2016-04-28 Adeel KazmiMerge "Remove ImageActor from Builder & some doxygen...
2016-04-27 David SteeleMoved StyleManager to the public API 47/67347/9
2016-04-27 Xiangyin MaRemove ImageActor from Builder & some doxygen update 69/67469/3
2016-04-27 Paul WisbeyMerge "Changes following "Make TextureSet a non propert...
2016-04-26 Adeel KazmiMerge "Changed signal order for StyleManager" into...
2016-04-26 David SteeleChanged signal order for StyleManager 86/66186/8
2016-04-26 Paul WisbeyMerge "Changes following "Remove Geometry scene object...
2016-04-25 Richard HuangAdd test case for Flexbox layout algorithm 90/67190/6
2016-04-25 Ferran SoleChanges following "Remove Geometry scene object" 46/66746/13
2016-04-25 Victor CebolladaTextModel - Remove the logical to visual conversion... 99/67099/3
2016-04-25 Victor CebolladaTextModel - Update the color runs. 93/66393/9
2016-04-22 Xiangyin MaSelect the renderer type based on the image url 30/66830/3
2016-04-21 Victor CebolladaMove the toolkit-text-model into a folder in the intern... 66/66866/1
2016-04-21 Paul WisbeyMerge "TextController - Update the text model." into...
2016-04-21 Victor CebolladaTextController - Update the text model. 57/65557/11
2016-04-20 Paul WisbeyVector-based text rendering 86/56486/29
2016-04-19 Kimmo HoikkaMerge "Flexbox UI control implementation" into devel...
2016-04-19 Adeel KazmiRemoved ImageActor usage from automated-tests 61/66561/1
2016-04-19 Adeel KazmiSynchronized Automated Tests with dali-core 43/66543/2
2016-04-18 Richard HuangFlexbox UI control implementation 53/59953/12
2016-04-18 Adeel KazmiMerge "Remove sys-string and use dali-toolkit po files...
2016-04-18 Ferran SoleRendering API clean-up 49/64949/10
2016-04-13 Xiangyin MaStop using ImageActor in EffectsView and ImageFilters 53/54753/13
2016-04-12 Adeel KazmiMerge "Stop using ImageActor in PageTurnView" into...
2016-04-12 Paul WisbeyMerge changes I150e1a74,Ie6d24150,I91081f5a into devel...
2016-04-11 Adeel KazmiRemove OnControl methods & add up-calls 66/65366/5
2016-04-11 Victor CebolladaTextModel - Conversion from characters to glyphs. 96/65496/1
2016-04-11 Victor CebolladaTextModel - Create paragraph info for a given range... 69/65469/2
2016-04-08 Xiangyin MaStop using ImageActor in PageTurnView 92/52692/17
2016-04-07 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fixed normal mapping shader for model3d-view...
2016-04-07 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fix for font validation." into devel/master
2016-04-06 Adeel Kazmi(Control) Remove color & filename parsing in map for... 40/64840/4
2016-04-06 Victor CebolladaFix for font validation. 38/64838/3
2016-04-05 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fixed testcases using sampler uniforms" into...
2016-04-04 Adeel KazmiMerge "GradientRenderer Property name changes and stopO...
2016-04-04 David SteeleFixed testcases using sampler uniforms 81/64681/1
2016-04-04 Xiangyin MaRemove more ImageActors from Toolkit 83/55083/8
2016-04-04 Agnelo VazGradientRenderer Property name changes and stopOffset... 42/64542/4
2016-03-31 Paul WisbeyMerge "Fix for text cursor." into devel/master
2016-03-30 David SteeleAdded "mapping" section parser to Builder. 17/63417/3
2016-03-30 Adeel KazmiMerge "Stop Overriding Actor::Add() & Actor::Remove...
2016-03-30 Victor CebolladaTextModel - Layout a given range of characters inside... 13/62713/6
2016-03-22 Xiangyin MaSVG support for ImageView ( CPU rendering version ) 48/60148/16
2016-03-14 Paul WisbeyMerge "Added Emscripten guide" into devel/master
2016-03-09 David SteeleFixing test cases after Texture::Bind cleanup. 85/60885/2
2016-03-08 Victor CebolladaTextModel - Shape the given number of characters inside... 66/61066/4
2016-03-02 Victor CebolladaTextModel - Create the bidirectional info for a given... 56/60856/5
2016-03-02 Victor CebolladaTextModel - Create the text language info for a given... 75/60675/5
2016-03-02 Victor CebolladaTextModel - Create the text segmentation info for a... 04/59304/4
2016-03-02 Ferran SoleChanges following deprecation of position inheritance... 05/59805/8
2016-02-19 Adeel KazmiMerge "DALi Version 1.1.22" into devel/master