Changed Atlas manager to use Dali::Texture instead of Dali::Atlas
[platform/core/uifw/dali-toolkit.git] / automated-tests / src / dali-toolkit / dali-toolkit-test-utils / toolkit-text-abstraction.cpp
2016-07-08 Ferran SoleChanged Atlas manager to use Dali::Texture instead... 05/78905/4
2016-07-01 Paul WisbeyMerge "DALi Version 1.1.41" into devel/master
2016-06-30 Victor CebolladaStop setting a max fixed size for the emojis. 90/75990/6
2016-04-27 Paul WisbeyMerge "Changes following "Make TextureSet a non propert...
2016-04-26 Adeel KazmiMerge "Changed signal order for StyleManager" into...
2016-04-26 David SteeleChanged signal order for StyleManager 86/66186/8