build: Quiet by default
[platform/core/uifw/at-spi2-atk.git] /
2012-06-14 Bastien Nocerabuild: Quiet by default
2012-06-06 Mike GorseRelease v2.5.2
2012-04-30 Mike GorseRelease v2.5.1
2012-03-26 Mike GorseRelease v2.4.0
2012-03-19 Mike GorseRelease v2.3.92
2012-03-06 Mike GorseRelease v2.3.91
2012-02-20 Mike GorseRelease v2.3.90
2012-02-06 Mike GorseRelease v2.3.5
2012-01-16 Mike GorseRelease v2.3.4
2011-12-19 Mike GorseRelease v2.3.3
2011-11-21 Mike GorseRelease v2.3.2
2011-10-25 Mike GorseRelease v2.3.1
2011-10-17 Mike GorseRelease v2.2.1
2011-09-26 Mike GorseRelease v2.2.0
2011-09-19 Mike GorseRelease v2.1.92
2011-09-05 Mike GorseRelease v2.1.91
2011-08-29 Mike GorseRelease v2.1.90
2011-08-29 Alejandro PiñeiroUsing new format to register to window events
2011-08-15 Mike GorseRelease v2.1.5
2011-08-09 Mike Gorseat-spi2-atk now requires at-spi2-core 2.1.4
2011-07-28 Mike GorseYet more build fixes
2011-07-28 Mike GorseRelease v2.1.4
2011-07-24 Joanmarie DiggsFix for bug 653872 - New ATK Roles
2011-07-04 Mike GorseRelease v2.1.3
2011-05-20 Patrick WelcheBuild fixes.
2011-04-25 Mike GorseRelease v2.0.1
2011-04-04 Mike GorseRelease v2.0.0
2011-03-27 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.93
2011-03-21 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.92 and fix a build error
2011-03-21 Mike GorseUse libatspi to get the accessibility bus and handle...
2011-03-07 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.91
2011-02-21 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.90
2011-02-10 Mike GorseBGO#641869: Remove --enable-relocate and associated...
2011-01-31 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.6 and fix a build error
2011-01-21 Dan WinshipFix path in org.a11y.atspi.gschema.xml for lib64
2011-01-10 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.5
2010-12-21 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.4
2010-12-17 Mike GorseAdd a gsettings key to specify the location of libatk...
2010-12-15 Mike GorseSome fixes for--disable-p2p
2010-12-03 Mike GorseAllow p2p to be disabled explicitly, and move warning...
2010-12-03 Mike GorseMerge branch 'p2p'
2010-12-03 Mike GorseDisable for dbus-glib prior to 0.9.0
2010-11-29 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.3
2010-11-08 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.2
2010-10-18 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.1
2010-10-07 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into p2p
2010-10-05 Mike GorseRelease v1.91.0
2010-10-01 Mike GorseBump version to 0.5.1 and disable relocate
2010-09-29 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into p2p
2010-09-27 Mike GorseRelease as v0.4.0
2010-09-13 Mike GorseRelease v0.3.92
2010-08-31 Mike GorseRelease v0.3.91.1
2010-08-31 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into p2p
2010-08-31 Mike GorseRelease v0.3.91
2010-08-31 Mike GorseDefault to --enable-relocate for now
2010-08-16 Mike GorseRelease v0.3.90
2010-08-03 Mike GorseRelease v0.3.6
2010-07-13 Mike GorseRelease v0.3.5
2010-06-28 Mike GorseRelease v0.3.4
2010-06-04 Mike GorseRelease v0.3.3
2010-05-29 Mike GorseInstall to gtk-3.0 as well as gtk-2.0
2010-05-29 Mike GorseRemove unneeded gtk check from
2010-05-25 Mike GorseUpdate news and bump version
2010-05-03 Mike GorseAdd NEWS, disable relocate, and bump version to 0.3.1
2010-05-01 mgorseRemove libxml2 check from
2010-04-07 Mike GorseSet GETTEXT_PACKAGE
2010-04-06 Mike GorseReally add the schema, and some related autoconf/automa...
2010-04-06 Mike GorseAdd gconf schema and corresponding i18n
2010-03-30 Mike GorseBump version to 0.1.8
2010-02-12 Mark DoffmanBump version number prior to release.
2010-02-12 Mark DoffmanConvert droute introspection to use string literals...
2010-02-08 Mark DoffmanBump version number to 0.1.6 prior to release.
2010-02-05 Willie WalkerMake AT-SPI/CORBA the default and relocate AT-SPI/D-Bus
2010-02-02 Mike GorsePlug/socket fixes, and remove conditional
2010-01-11 Mark DoffmanBump version number to 0.1.5 prior to release.
2010-01-05 Mark DoffmanFix object lifecycle errors.
2010-01-05 Mark DoffmanIntegrate leasing scheme in-to atk-bridge.
2010-01-05 Mark DoffmanMove the D-Bus adaptor code into its own folder within the
2009-12-21 Mark DoffmanBump version number to 0.1.4 prior to release.
2009-12-21 Mark DoffmanUse datarootdir for finding the introspection XML files...
2009-12-08 Mark DoffmanUse the new 'Accessibility' bus if the bus address...
2009-11-30 Mark DoffmanBump version number to 0.1.3 prior to release.
2009-11-10 Mike GorseMerge branch 'mgorse' into socketplug
2009-11-10 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into mgorse
2009-11-07 Mark DoffmanAdd the droute and dbind libraries as static libraries...
2009-11-06 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into mgorse
2009-11-06 Willie WalkerAdd --enable-relocate option
2009-11-03 Willie WalkerOnly install *.desktop file if GTK_MODULE_DIR is used...
2009-10-26 Mark Doffman2009-26-10 Mark Doffman <>
2009-10-07 Mark Doffman2009-07-10 Mark Doffman <>
2009-10-07 Mark Doffman2009-07-10 Mark Doffman <>
2009-10-07 Mark Doffman2009-07-10 Mark Doffman <>
2009-07-22 Mark Doffman2009-07-22 Mark Doffman <>
2009-07-06 Mark Doffman2009-07-06 Mark Doffman <>
2009-05-22 Mark DoffmanRemove Gail PKG_CONFIG macros from configure. Gail...
2009-02-19 Mark Doffman2009-02-19 Mark Doffman <>
2008-11-28 Mike Gorse2008-11-28 Mike Gorse <>
2008-10-09 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-09-30 Mark Doffman2008-09-25 Mark Doffman <>
2008-09-28 Mike GorseMerge branch 'mdoff' of ssh://