Socket's implementation of ref_state_set to return empty sets instead of NULL
[platform/core/uifw/at-spi2-atk.git] / atk-adaptor / bridge.c
2011-10-28 Mario Sanchez PradaSocket's implementation of ref_state_set to return...
2011-08-15 Mike GorseFixed some problems when shutting down and restarting...
2011-07-27 Mike GorseSome refactoring to remove duplicate code and other...
2011-06-21 Mike GorseOnly register for events when something is listening
2011-06-17 Mike GorseBGO#652797: Remove unused AtkMisc instance
2011-05-13 Mike GorseReentrancy fixes when using --disable-p2p
2011-03-22 Alejandro PiñeiroRemove not required dbus-glib includes
2011-03-21 Mike GorseUse libatspi to get the accessibility bus and handle...
2011-03-08 Mike GorseFix accessibility of root apps on Linux
2011-03-04 Mike GorseClose the X display when we're finished with it
2011-03-04 Mike GorseDo not exit if the accessibility bus disconnects
2011-02-23 Mike GorseFix some missing prototypes
2011-02-19 Matthias ClasenDon't leak remove_data in remove_events
2011-02-19 Matthias ClasenFree option context after use
2011-02-19 Matthias ClasenDon't leak property data in spi_atk_bridge_get_bus
2011-02-06 Mike Gorse/tmp/at-spi2 should be created with permissions of...
2011-02-06 Mike GorseFix for BGO#641338: Gracefully handle errors listening...
2011-01-06 Mike GorseFix some memory leaks
2011-01-03 Mike GorseInitialize app_bus_addr if p2p is disabled
2011-01-03 Mike GorseCheck for a NULL pending call before calling dbus_pendi...
2010-12-30 Mike GorseAvoid calling a deprecated libdbus function
2010-12-15 Mike GorseSome fixes for--disable-p2p
2010-12-03 Mike GorseMerge branch 'p2p'
2010-12-03 Mike GorseDisable for dbus-glib prior to 0.9.0
2010-11-05 Mike GorseRemove g_atexit handler.
2010-10-18 Mike GorseFire all events until we receive a reply from GetRegist...
2010-10-07 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into p2p
2010-10-07 Mike GorseFire all events until we receive a reply from GetRegist...
2010-09-29 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into p2p
2010-08-31 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into p2p
2010-08-31 MatthiAS ClasenMake the module resident.
2010-08-31 Mike GorsePeer-to-peer fixes; work in progress
2010-08-31 Trevor Saundersimprove how the dbus address is handled
2010-08-31 Trevor Saunderscode cleanup
2010-08-31 Trevor Saunders enable peer to peer comunication for at-spi2
2010-08-16 Mike GorseOnly send events when something is listening for them
2010-08-06 Mike GorseHave adaptor_init() return -1 on error and not consider...
2010-08-03 Mike GorseChange remaining g_error calls to g_warning
2010-07-30 Mike GorseMake initial Embed call asynchronous
2010-07-20 Mike GorseImprove introspection
2010-07-13 Mike GorseHave a socket retrieve its state set from its embedded...
2010-05-24 Mike GorseFix cache object path and interface names
2010-04-29 Mike GorsePrevent crash if calling Embed returns something unexpected
2010-04-29 Mike GorseInstall plug/socket hooks before initializing the cache
2010-04-15 Li YuanFix atk-adaptor re-entry problem during register applic...
2010-04-09 Mike GorsePlug/socket fixes
2010-03-14 Mike GorseAvoid calling g_error and aborting the application...
2010-02-12 Mark DoffmanChange the name of interfaces from org.freedesktop...
2010-02-12 Mark DoffmanConvert droute introspection to use string literals...
2010-02-02 Mike GorsePlug/socket fixes, and remove conditional
2010-02-02 Mike GorsePropertyChange fixes
2010-02-03 Mark DoffmanChange the keystroke delivery methid re-entrancy from
2010-01-21 Mark DoffmanModify the paths scheme.
2010-01-05 Mark DoffmanFix object lifecycle errors.
2010-01-05 Mark DoffmanIntegrate leasing scheme in-to atk-bridge.
2010-01-05 Mark DoffmanCode style enforcement.
2010-01-06 Mike GorseFix parents of plugs
2009-12-18 Mike GorseFinished collection support
2009-12-10 Mark DoffmanRemove i18n macro that was causing link errors.
2009-12-08 Mark DoffmanUse the new 'Accessibility' bus if the bus address...
2009-11-11 Mike GorseMerge branch 'mgorse' into socketplug
2009-11-10 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into mgorse
2009-11-10 Mike GorseMerge branch 'mgorse' into socketplug
2009-11-10 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into mgorse
2009-11-09 Mike GorseSupport AtkPlug and AtkSocket
2009-11-06 Mike GorseMerge branch 'master' into mgorse
2009-10-30 Mike GorseFix gtk_module_init to always return a value
2009-10-30 Mike Gorse Update to correspond with dbus spec
2009-10-30 Mike GorseMerge.
2009-10-28 Mike GorseDo not load if NO_AT_BRIDGEis set and non-zero
2009-07-06 Mark Doffman2009-07-06 Mark Doffman <>
2009-04-23 Mark Doffman2009-04-23 Mark Doffman <>
2009-04-21 Mark DoffmanMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://doffm@git.freedeskto...
2009-04-21 Mark Doffman2009-04-21 Mark Doffman <>
2009-02-19 Mark Doffman2009-02-19 Mark Doffman <>
2009-02-19 Mark Doffman2009-02-19 Mark Doffman <>
2009-01-22 Mark DoffmanMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://doffm@git.freedeskto...
2009-01-12 Mark Doffman2009-01-12 Mark Doffman <>
2009-01-09 Mark Doffman2009-01-09 Mark Doffman <>
2008-12-18 Mark Doffman2008-12-17 Mark Doffman <>
2008-11-05 Mark Doffman2008-11-5 Mark Doffman <>
2008-11-04 Mark DoffmanTemporary commit. Non working changes to the registration
2008-10-16 Mark DoffmanMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2008-10-14 Mike Gorse2008-10-14 Mike Gorse <>
2008-09-28 Mike GorseMerge branch 'mdoff' of ssh://
2008-09-04 Mark Doffman2008-08-29 Mark Doffman <>
2008-08-27 Mark Doffman2008-08-27 Mark Doffman <>
2008-06-30 Mike GorseFix some window-related signals so that their names...
2008-06-24 Mike GorseWhen emitting a signal, check for a null string
2008-06-23 Mike GorseRemove debug printf
2008-06-16 Mike GorseMerge ssh:// into...
2008-06-16 Mike GorseFix call to dbus_message_new_method_call in notifyListe...
2008-06-16 Mike GorseUse macros for interface names
2008-06-13 Mark DoffmanMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2008-06-13 Mark Doffman2008-06-13 Mark Doffman <>
2008-06-12 Mike GorseRevert "Have org.freedesktop.atspi.Tree use droute"
2008-06-12 Mike GorseHave org.freedesktop.atspi.Tree use droute
2008-06-11 Mike GorseCall dbus_bus_register
2008-06-10 Mike GorseNotify the registry upon initialization
2008-05-28 Mike GorseFix spelling of some function names