2008-05-16 Mark Doffman <mark.doffman@codethink.co.uk>
authorMark Doffman <mdoff@silver-wind.(none)>
Fri, 16 May 2008 15:11:40 +0000 (16:11 +0100)
committerMark Doffman <mdoff@silver-wind.(none)>
Fri, 16 May 2008 15:16:19 +0000 (16:16 +0100)
2008-05-16 Mark Doffman <mark.doffman@codethink.co.uk>

Re-organize the directories. The main purpose of
this change is to remove CORBA code and references
that are no longer used.

* atk-adaptor/
Code here used to live in libspi and atk-bridge.

* droute/
The droute module has been moved from libspi to
its own directory.

* spi-common
Code and definitions common to registryd and
the atk-adaptor. Mostly moved from libspi/dbus.c
and accessible.h.

* cspi/
Removed for the moment. Will have to be
mostly rewritten for D-Bus.
269 files changed:
ChangeLog [deleted file]
HACKING [deleted file]
NEWS [deleted file]
TODO [deleted file]
acconfig.h [deleted file]
atk-adaptor/Makefile.am [new file with mode: 0644]
atk-adaptor/accessible.c [moved from libspi/accessible.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/accessible.h [moved from libspi/accessible.h with 55% similarity]
atk-adaptor/action.c [moved from libspi/action.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/action.h [moved from libspi/action.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/application.c [moved from libspi/application.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/application.h [moved from libspi/application.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/atk-dbus.c [new file with mode: 0644]
atk-adaptor/base.c [moved from libspi/base.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/base.h [moved from libspi/base.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/bitarray.h [moved from libspi/bitarray.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/bridge.c [moved from atk-bridge/bridge.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/collection.c [moved from libspi/collection.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/collection.h [moved from libspi/collection.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/component.c [moved from libspi/component.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/component.h [moved from libspi/component.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/devicelistener.c [moved from libspi/devicelistener.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/devicelistener.h [moved from libspi/devicelistener.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/document.c [moved from libspi/document.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/document.h [moved from libspi/document.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/editabletext.c [moved from libspi/editabletext.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/editabletext.h [moved from libspi/editabletext.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/eventlistener.c [moved from libspi/eventlistener.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/eventlistener.h [moved from libspi/eventlistener.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/hyperlink.c [moved from libspi/hyperlink.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/hyperlink.h [moved from libspi/hyperlink.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/hypertext.c [moved from libspi/hypertext.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/hypertext.h [moved from libspi/hypertext.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/image.c [moved from libspi/image.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/image.h [moved from libspi/image.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/introspectable.c [moved from libspi/introspectable.c with 98% similarity]
atk-adaptor/keymasks.h [moved from libspi/keymasks.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/keystrokelistener.h [moved from libspi/keystrokelistener.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/libspi.h [moved from libspi/libspi.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/listener.c [moved from libspi/listener.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/listener.h [moved from libspi/listener.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/matchrule.c [moved from libspi/matchrule.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/matchrule.h [moved from libspi/matchrule.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/relation.c [moved from libspi/relation.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/relation.h [moved from libspi/relation.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/remoteobject.c [moved from libspi/remoteobject.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/remoteobject.h [moved from libspi/remoteobject.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/selection.c [moved from libspi/selection.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/selection.h [moved from libspi/selection.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/spi-private.h [new file with mode: 0644]
atk-adaptor/stateset.c [moved from libspi/stateset.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/stateset.h [moved from libspi/stateset.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/streamablecontent.c [moved from libspi/streamablecontent.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/streamablecontent.h [moved from libspi/streamablecontent.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/table.c [moved from libspi/table.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/table.h [moved from libspi/table.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/text.c [moved from libspi/text.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/text.h [moved from libspi/text.h with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/tree.c [moved from libspi/tree.c with 99% similarity]
atk-adaptor/util.c [moved from cspi/spi_matchrule.c with 58% similarity]
atk-adaptor/value.c [moved from libspi/value.c with 100% similarity]
atk-adaptor/value.h [moved from libspi/value.h with 100% similarity]
atk-bridge/Makefile.am [deleted file]
configure.ac [new file with mode: 0644]
configure.in [deleted file]
cspi-1.0-uninstalled.pc.in [deleted file]
cspi-1.0.pc.in [deleted file]
cspi/Makefile.am [deleted file]
cspi/bonobo/Makefile.am [deleted file]
cspi/bonobo/cspi-bonobo-listener.c [deleted file]
cspi/bonobo/cspi-bonobo-listener.h [deleted file]
cspi/bonobo/cspi-bonobo.c [deleted file]
cspi/cspi-lowlevel.h [deleted file]
cspi/spi-impl.h [deleted file]
cspi/spi-listener.h [deleted file]
cspi/spi-private.h [deleted file]
cspi/spi-roletypes.h [deleted file]
cspi/spi-statetypes.h [deleted file]
cspi/spi.h [deleted file]
cspi/spi_accessible.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_action.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_application.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_collection.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_component.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_document.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_editabletext.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_event.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_hyperlink.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_hypertext.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_image.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_main.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_registry.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_selection.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_streamablecontent.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_table.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_text.c [deleted file]
cspi/spi_value.c [deleted file]
docs/Makefile.am [deleted file]
docs/reference/Makefile.am [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/Makefile.am [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/at-spi-cspi-docs.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/at-spi-cspi-overrides.txt [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/at-spi-cspi-sections.txt [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/at-spi-cspi.types [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_accessible.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_action.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_application.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_component.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_editabletext.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_event.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_hyperlink.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_hypertext.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_image.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_main.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_registry.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_relation.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_selection.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_stateset.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_table.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_text.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/cspi/tmpl/spi_value.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/idl/Doxyfile [deleted file]
docs/reference/idl/Makefile.am [deleted file]
docs/reference/idl/README [deleted file]
docs/reference/idl/at-spi-idl-docs.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/idl/at-spi-idl-overrides.txt [deleted file]
docs/reference/idl/at-spi-idl-sections.txt [deleted file]
docs/reference/idl/tmpl/accessible.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/idl/tmpl/action.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/idl/tmpl/application.sgml [deleted file]
docs/reference/idl/tmpl/registry.sgml [deleted file]
droute/Makefile.am [new file with mode: 0644]
droute/droute.c [moved from libspi/droute.c with 99% similarity]
droute/droute.h [moved from libspi/droute.h with 100% similarity]
droute/introspect-loader.c [moved from libspi/introspect-loader.c with 90% similarity]
droute/introspect-loader.h [moved from libspi/introspect-loader.h with 98% similarity]
libloginhelper-1.0.pc.in [deleted file]
libspi-1.0-uninstalled.pc.in [deleted file]
libspi-1.0.pc.in [deleted file]
libspi/Makefile.am [deleted file]
login-helper/Makefile.am [deleted file]
login-helper/login-helper.c [deleted file]
login-helper/login-helper.h [deleted file]
patches/atk-bridge-log.patch [deleted file]
patches/atk-bridge-log.patch.README [deleted file]
po/ChangeLog [deleted file]
po/LINGUAS [deleted file]
po/POTFILES.in [deleted file]
po/POTFILES.skip [deleted file]
po/ang.po [deleted file]
po/ar.po [deleted file]
po/az.po [deleted file]
po/be.po [deleted file]
po/be@latin.po [deleted file]
po/bg.po [deleted file]
po/bn.po [deleted file]
po/bs.po [deleted file]
po/ca.po [deleted file]
po/cs.po [deleted file]
po/cy.po [deleted file]
po/da.po [deleted file]
po/de.po [deleted file]
po/dz.po [deleted file]
po/el.po [deleted file]
po/en_CA.po [deleted file]
po/en_GB.po [deleted file]
po/eo.po [deleted file]
po/es.po [deleted file]
po/et.po [deleted file]
po/eu.po [deleted file]
po/fa.po [deleted file]
po/fi.po [deleted file]
po/fr.po [deleted file]
po/gl.po [deleted file]
po/gu.po [deleted file]
po/he.po [deleted file]
po/hi.po [deleted file]
po/hr.po [deleted file]
po/hu.po [deleted file]
po/id.po [deleted file]
po/is.po [deleted file]
po/it.po [deleted file]
po/ja.po [deleted file]
po/ka.po [deleted file]
po/ko.po [deleted file]
po/ku.po [deleted file]
po/lt.po [deleted file]
po/mk.po [deleted file]
po/mn.po [deleted file]
po/mr.po [deleted file]
po/ms.po [deleted file]
po/nb.po [deleted file]
po/nds_DE.po [deleted file]
po/ne.po [deleted file]
po/nl.po [deleted file]
po/nn.po [deleted file]
po/oc.po [deleted file]
po/or.po [deleted file]
po/pa.po [deleted file]
po/pl.po [deleted file]
po/pt.po [deleted file]
po/pt_BR.po [deleted file]
po/ro.po [deleted file]
po/ru.po [deleted file]
po/rw.po [deleted file]
po/sk.po [deleted file]
po/sl.po [deleted file]
po/sq.po [deleted file]
po/sr.po [deleted file]
po/sr@Latn.po [deleted file]
po/sr@ije.po [deleted file]
po/sv.po [deleted file]
po/ta.po [deleted file]
po/th.po [deleted file]
po/tr.po [deleted file]
po/ug.po [deleted file]
po/uk.po [deleted file]
po/vi.po [deleted file]
po/wa.po [deleted file]
po/xh.po [deleted file]
po/zh_CN.po [deleted file]
po/zh_HK.po [deleted file]
po/zh_TW.po [deleted file]
registryd/reentrant-list.c [moved from libspi/util.c with 89% similarity]
registryd/reentrant-list.h [moved from libspi/spi-private.h with 86% similarity]
spi-common/Makefile.am [new file with mode: 0644]
spi-common/event-types.h [moved from test/keysynth-test.c with 52% similarity]
spi-common/spi-dbus.c [moved from libspi/dbus.c with 62% similarity]
spi-common/spi-dbus.h [new file with mode: 0644]
spi-common/spi-types.h [new file with mode: 0644]
test/Makefile.am [deleted file]
test/accessx-gui.c [deleted file]
test/app.c [deleted file]
test/at.c [deleted file]
test/demo.csh [deleted file]
test/event-listener-test.c [deleted file]
test/key-listener-test.c [deleted file]
test/keypad-test.c [deleted file]
test/keysynth-demo.c [deleted file]
test/login-helper-client-test.c [deleted file]
test/login-helper-server-test.c [deleted file]
test/screen-review-test.c [deleted file]
test/simple-at.c [deleted file]
test/stress-test.c [deleted file]
test/test-simple.c [deleted file]
test/visual-bell.c [deleted file]
test/window-listener-test.c [deleted file]
tests/AccessibleTree.py [moved from tools/python/AccessibleTree.py with 100% similarity]
tests/AccessibleTreeCache.py [moved from tools/python/AccessibleTreeCache.py with 100% similarity]
tests/Makefile.am [new file with mode: 0644]
tests/desktop.xml [moved from tools/python/desktop.xml with 100% similarity]
tests/makeTree.py [moved from tools/python/makeTree.py with 100% similarity]
tests/testClient.py [moved from tools/python/testClient.py with 100% similarity]
tests/testServer.py [moved from tools/python/testServer.py with 100% similarity]