descriptionDomain: Network & Connectivity / Data Network;
ownerJaehyun Kim <>
last changeMon, 17 Feb 2020 12:06:15 +0000 (21:06 +0900)
11 days ago Jaehyun KimFix branch past initialization issue 27/225127/1 accepted/tizen_unified tizen accepted/tizen/unified/20200227.121049 submit/tizen/20200220.041614 submit/tizen/20200227.012332
2020-02-06 Nishant ChapranaReplace deprecated APIs of Glib v2.62.3 with suggested... 11/224111/2 accepted/tizen/unified/20200224.081431 submit/tizen/20200203.160801 submit/tizen/20200211.061437 submit/tizen/20200212.120218 submit/tizen/20200217.011016
2019-12-26 Semun LeeFix build warnings for gcc 9 50/220950/1 accepted/tizen/unified/20191227.142754 submit/tizen/20191226.234511
2019-11-18 hyunuk.takModified to get current time to match stc 76/217976/1 accepted/tizen/unified/20191126.124721 submit/tizen/20191118.075427
2019-11-13 Jaehyun KimSignal strength criteria for 5GHz changed 42/217642/1 accepted/tizen/unified/20191114.042633 submit/tizen/20191113.075649
2019-11-06 Jaehyun KimMerge "[net-config] Manage the MAX saved wireless profi... accepted/tizen/unified/20191108.065924 submit/tizen/20191106.105409
2019-10-21 hyunuk.takAdd some dbus rule to default group into conf file 85/215885/2 accepted/tizen_5.5_unified tizen_5.5_tv accepted/tizen/5.5/unified/20191031.024000 accepted/tizen/unified/20191022.150256 submit/tizen/20191021.102317 submit/tizen_5.5/20191031.000003 tizen_5.5.m2_release
2019-10-15 prashanth kumar[net-config] Manage the MAX saved wireless profiles. 74/215774/2
2019-10-14 Jaehyun KimMerge "Add battery monitor framework" into tizen accepted/tizen/unified/20191017.072557 submit/tizen/20191014.104721 submit/tizen/20191016.060650
2019-10-14 hyunuk.takAdd battery monitor framework 08/215408/2
2019-10-14 Jaehyun KimMerge "Refactoring sd->timer_id for ip-conflict-detect...
2019-10-14 Jaehyun KimMerge "Using updated clatd's Dbus interface and Path...
2019-10-14 Jihoon JungFix Coverity issues 64/215664/3 accepted/tizen/unified/20191015.011952 submit/tizen/20191014.071714
2019-10-07 INSUN PYORefactoring sd->timer_id for ip-conflict-detect code 34/215334/1
2019-09-25 YuAdd logic for Device Provisioning Protocol(DPP) 44/212344/14 accepted/tizen/unified/20191007.234802 submit/tizen/20190927.130602 submit/tizen/20191001.114836
2019-09-24 Nishant ChapranaUsing updated clatd's Dbus interface and Path values 97/214597/1
46 hours ago accepted/tizen/unified/20200227.121049 The SR (Submit Request) has been...
2 days ago submit/tizen/20200227.012332 Fix coverity issues
5 days ago accepted/tizen/unified/20200224.081431 The SR (Submit Request) has been...
9 days ago submit/tizen/20200220.041614 Fix branch past initialization...
12 days ago submit/tizen/20200217.011016 Replace deprecated APIs of Glib...
2 weeks ago submit/tizen/20200212.120218 Replace deprecated APIs of Glib...
2 weeks ago submit/tizen/20200203.160801 Replace deprecated APIs of Glib...
2 weeks ago submit/tizen/20200211.061437 Replace deprecated APIs of Glib...
2 months ago accepted/tizen/unified/20191227.142754 The SR (Submit Request) has been...
2 months ago submit/tizen/20191226.234511 fix build for gcc 9
3 months ago accepted/tizen/unified/20191126.124721 The SR (Submit Request) has been...
3 months ago submit/tizen_5.5/20191119.081047 fix build error
3 months ago submit/tizen_5.5/20191118.102623 Add debug log
3 months ago submit/tizen_5.5/20191118.075451 Modified to get current time to...
3 months ago submit/tizen/20191118.075427 Modified to get current time to...
3 months ago submit/tizen_5.5/20191115.021752 Signal strength criteria for 5GHz...
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