2013-04-22 Marko Ollonencamera: capture & video resolution support update tizen tizen_2.1 accepted/tizen/20130530.172120 accepted/tizen/20130607.151929 submit/tizen/20130530.175735 submit/tizen/20130606.194343 submit/tizen_2.1/20130514.053328
2013-04-17 Huaqiang Gengdon't load module-stream-restore 2.1b_release accepted/tizen_2.1/20130425.020440 submit/tizen_2.1/20130424.222752
2013-04-10 Telle-Tiia... Updating changelog
2013-04-10 Marko Ollonendrop unsupported effects.
2013-04-09 Zhang,Viviandefine the correct source, which fixed TZSP 3574: audio...
2013-04-08 Telle-Tiia... Update changelog
2013-04-08 Marko Ollonencamera: zoom value scale change
2013-04-05 Telle-Tiia... Update changelog
2013-04-03 Jussi SaavalainenEnable 1080p 'preview' resolution and remove extra...
2013-03-28 Zhang,VivianAdd alsa_modem sink and handle stream policy on mfld...
2013-03-21 Telle-Tiia... Merge branch 'master' into tizen_2.1
2013-03-20 Igor StoppaMerge changes I6cfb8b9d,Ifc9b24fc
2013-03-15 Jinkun Jangmerge with master
2013-03-14 Peter ZhuMerge "Add Recommend preview resolution for bug TZSP...
2013-03-12 Jinkun Jangsync
2013-03-12 Jinkun JangTizen 2.1 base
2013-03-08 Yan YinMerge "disable vaapiupload for software decoding"
2013-03-08 Peter ZhuMerge "load module-policy after module-alsa-sink, modul...
2013-03-08 Yan Yindisable vaapiupload for software decoding
2013-03-07 Telle-Tiia... Update configs against upstream changes.
2013-03-07 Jussi SaavalainenEnable camera pipeline buffer-sharing
2013-03-07 Telle-Tiia... Add Recommend preview resolution for bug TZSP-5301
2013-02-28 Zhang,Vivianload module-policy after module-alsa-sink, module-alsa...
2013-02-26 Telle-Tiia... Enable preview in full screen. Fixes TZSP-5123
2013-02-19 Jussi Saavalainencamera: Enable CBR rate-control mode for h.264 encoding.
2013-01-25 Yan Yinremove and rename some dirs to avoid confusion
2013-01-22 Yan Yinupdate licence & notice files.
2013-01-11 Jussi SaavalainenWorkaround bad front camera resolution issue
2013-01-10 Zhang,VivianSet device.dbus property for audio device routing,...
2013-01-03 Jussi Saavalainencamera: Disable muxer faststart and default VF/video...
2012-12-03 Jussi Saavalainencamera: Use libva encoders for video
2012-12-03 Jussi Saavalainencamera: Enable fullscreen 720p viewfinder
2012-12-03 Jussi Saavalainencamera: Use source-end upload for video
2012-11-27 Telle-Tiia... Adding support for MMS resolution 176x144.
2012-11-27 Telle-Tiia... Exposure value setting not supported
2012-11-27 Marko OllonenMFLD specific settings in comments fixed.
2012-11-22 Telle-Tiia... camera: update MFLD configurations
2012-11-21 Telle-Tiia... camera: autoexposure configuration enable
2012-11-21 Telle-Tiia... camera: Set native VF for main cam, tweak VF display...
2012-11-21 Telle-Tiia... camera source name change and not use encodebin anymore.
2012-11-21 Telle-Tiia... Limit camera pipelines to 800x576 during viewfinder...
2012-11-08 Yan Yinuse vaapiupload for software decoded video
2012-10-25 Jussi SaavalainenEnable video rotation for camera viewfinder
2012-10-09 Jussi SaavalainenSwitch camera framework to use vaapisink viewfinder
2012-10-05 Marko Ollonenadd focus mode info to main camera.
2012-10-03 Marko Ollonencamera configuration: full resolution image capture...
2012-09-20 Yan Yinuse VAAPI HW decoder instead of ffmpeg software ones
2012-09-13 Marko Ollonencamcorder:use ximagesink to get mm_camcorder_testsuite...
2012-09-12 Marko Ollonencamcorder:Add mux configuration to AAC
2012-09-10 Marko OllonenUpdate video encoder configuration
2012-09-07 Yan Yinuse vaapisink to enable hardware video acceleration
2012-09-06 Zhang,VivianSet device.api property for alsa sinks which are requir...
2012-09-05 Marko OllonenSet flash mode to OFF when using front camera.
2012-08-31 Yan Yinenable software playback
2012-08-31 Yan Yinupdate mmfw_player.ini to 2.0_beta code base
2012-08-22 Marko Ollonencamcorder: change audio source to pulseaudio and image...
2012-08-16 Marko Ollonenenable digital zoom to cameras
2012-08-16 Marko OllonenUpdate device names
2012-08-16 Marko Ollonenadd color tones for primary camera
2012-08-09 Marko Ollonenadd strobe modes for primary camera
2012-07-19 Przemyslaw... Activating mfldv4l2camsrc
2012-07-11 Telle-Tiia... Activating videotestsrc and adding placeholder for...
2012-07-09 Huaqiang GengAudio does not work with this image TZSP-2573
2012-07-06 vivian, zhangInstall the correct start-up script for MFLD, fixed...
2012-07-04 Yan Yinalign package name to git repo name
2012-06-28 Yan Yinunify name for git repo/spec file/changes file
2012-06-26 Yan Yinchange configuration to use vaapi hardware video accele...
2012-05-29 Hasan Wan Upstream version 0.1.22
2012-05-29 Hasan Wan packaging files for tizen