2012-09-05 Junghwan Songsync with private git ver.0.1.4 2.0alpha master 2.0_alpha submit/master/20120920.151031
2012-08-28 Youngman Parkadd exception code for g_variant_iter_free()
2012-08-24 Junghwan Songdelete TC codes, test app codes
2012-08-21 Kyeongchul Kimrelease tizen_2.0
2012-04-29 Kim Kibumupload tizen1.0 source
2012-03-14 Yan Yinupdate for beta universally
2012-02-21 ByungWoo LeeConvert internal symbol to static
2012-02-15 ByungWoo LeeAdd versioning of library
2012-02-03 ByungWoo LeeCorrect typos
2012-01-06 Kibum KimGit init
2012-01-06 Eunkyoung KimInitial empty repository