2012-08-23 jy910.yunmodify a problem regarding build break 2.0alpha master 2.0_alpha submit/master/20120920.151017
2012-08-23 jy910.yunpatch tizen_2.0_build
2012-07-31 Karol LewandowskiInstall serial-getty@ units under getty.target 37/237/1 1.0_post build/2012-08-08.212442
2012-07-31 Karol LewandowskiIntroduce console-ttySAC2 package 36/236/1
2012-07-25 William DouglasFix the default PATH environment variable.
2012-07-02 Chris E Ferronadd changes entry
2012-07-02 Chris E Ferronupdated obsoletes and provides back to drop sysvinit
2012-06-29 Chris E Ferron- temp removal of Obsoletes/Provides for sysvinit until...
2012-06-27 Patrick McCartyAdd an Obsoletes/Provides for sysvinit
2012-06-25 Chris E Ferroncleanup of packaging in spec
2012-06-18 William DouglasAdd systemd with tizen patches
2012-06-08 Hyesook ChoiInitial empty repository